Makeup tips with fingertips!!

Hi all beautiful ladies out there!! Today i have come up with 5 makeup tips with the help of which you will be able to do makeup with your fingertips.  🙂

Just dip your little finger into a dark cream shadow or a gel liner, now run it a bit slowly along the edge of your lids (move to the edges after starting it from the centre). Use whatever’s left on the lower lids and off you go girl!  🙂
Lipstick from a tube will go on strong and defined. If you apply the lipstick with your ring finger, it will soften edges and will reach into more creases, apply smoother and look more casual.  :-0
Fuchsia lipstick, coral lipstick, pink or red lipstick or any other shade can be used as a blush. You just need to swipe some of it on your middle, dot it gently from apples to cheekbones, then gently blend it till no tide marks remain.  😉
Are your under eye or cheeks becomes a mess after using glitter shadow?? Well! you can wrap a cello tape around your index finger(sticky side out), press against all the fallout. Now simply discard the tape and get on with life without worries  🙂
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