There is probably no other title more glamorous than prom queen if you’re in high school. No wonder many young ladies are busting all the moves to gain the highly coveted tiara. But you don’t need to win the crown to feel like a prom queen because you can feel like a prom queen even without winning the crown.

If you’re intent at becoming prom queen, be the kind of candidate who gets all the votes months, even years, before prom. You won’t get votes from people who don’t know you, so be sure to befriend as many people as possible. Whether they’re the cool kids or not, know that each of their votes matter. You can do these by being a role model in different school activities and getting involved in extra-curricular events that will let you meet others. Build beautiful relationships and a dependable reputation with as many persons as you can, because these last longer than prom night.

Get your name out there, try to be on the prom committee and be nominated for prom queen. By being more visible, you show people that you are intent in your desires and that you are meant for the title. For nominations, get your best friends to do this for you. They can also help you campaign and inform the rest of the school about you running for prom queen.

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And finally, here’s the most important thing you need to do – dress the part! Yes, whether you’re bringing home the crown or not, dress up like the prom queen that you are. We all have our own visions of what a prom queen should look like, so make yours come true. That way, even if you aren’t crowned prom queen, you still feel like one and have a truly memorable prom night.

Dress Like A Prom Queen

Start with the image of what a prom queen looks like in your head. A queen is regal, elegant, and well-groomed, among many others. So, make sure that you practice proper hygiene, look clean and presentable, even on ordinary days. Find a signature scent that is prom queen-worthy. And take your time to look for the perfect prom dress.

How do you find the perfect dress for a prom queen? It is possible that one of those pink prom dresses 2019 will be the perfect dress that you are looking for. Choose a dress that flatters your body shape and your skin color. Find an eye-catching dress color and a dress style that reflects your personality. Make sure the material, length, and overall dress design is comfortable enough to move in so you can dance all night long. It would be icing on the cake if you find a dress that no one else will be wearing. Remember that the dress doesn’t have to be expensive or created by a luxurious designer, it simply has to look perfect on you.

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In addition to dressing the part, make sure your hair and makeup are in sync with your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a vibrant red ball gown, then you can go for an intense red lip with a subtle eye makeup and blush. You can be the lady in red worthy of all the songs you’ll be dancing the night away to.

Finally, make sure to have a grand time. Whether you’re crowned the prom queen or not, remain gracious and humble. Be appreciative of those who have given you their support and thank everyone who made prom night as memorable and enjoyable as it was.


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