The world has seen many charismatic leader till date, some have incredible speech deliverance, some just have an amazing aura some just mesmerize the audience with their wit and presence of mind. But what the world always looks after or admires is a leader who not only has the above mentioned qualities but is presentable, rather who has his own distinct style. Here today we will share with you our shortlisted 5 most best dressed international leaders who not only have great support for them back home but a really eager audience even outside their zone of influence. These leaders are known for their style and their personality and their dressing sense has to be accredited for their reach.


The German chancellor knows exactly how to carry herself. Coming from the home of an iconic figure like Adolf Hitler who had a distinct style which is still followed in many pictures and dramas, she has had a large shoe to fill. She is very elegant in her classic blazers, generally red is the color she’s seen wearing. She carries herself with confidence and poise. Along with her blazer she suits up with a white beaded neck piece. Her perfectly cut hair cut just adds to the wow factor. German Chancellor Merkel  addresses news conference in Berlin


This Brazilian beauty needs no introduction either in the political circles or the fashion maniacs. She has bob cut hair which she matches perfectly with her blazers which are generally green and red. Her confidence adds to her style statement. She also supports a beaded neck piece. She has been the center of attraction in the recently concluded BRICS summit in Brazil. She always has something to add to her general looks be it her glasses or the perfect set of earrings or her bracelets.dilma-rousseff_best-dressed


He is not just the first black American president but is a fashion icon of his own league. He is always seen perfectly dressed in the perfect black or blue suit or is sometimes seen in a formal shirt which is folded up till the elbow. He has his own style statement. He competes with himself on the suited up look. A perfect gentlemen very hard to pick flaws in his dress up. He wears a ring on his left hand which again is original. The selection of his ties is also worth noticing. Rather it can be said that his style and dressing sense played a big role in him being elected as the president of the oldest democracy of the world. All this has helped him achieve a win for the democrats in U.S.A and giving world a new fashion icon to look up to.barack-obama barack_obama_best-dressed


The Russian president gains the edge over the U.S. president over the variety he has to his look. He is perfect when he is suited up sometimes he supports a huge winter jacket. Many times he’s seen wearing aviator glasses. He is seen in his jogging outfits. When he goes out for important summits he is perfectly dressed for that and when he’s out hunting he can be seen in cargo pants and even shirtless sometimes. He’s not just responsible for the growth of Russia post the cold war era but has rubbed his confidence to the whole nation. Thus because of his perfectly gentlemen like look and his raw look, all gets a thumbs up and thus he is no. 2 on our list.putin-best-dressed


The first non-congress non-coalition prime minister of India Narendra Damodardass Modi has been the talk of the town, city, state, country and the world. From the delivery of his speeches to his dressing sense everyone is talking about him. He has bought khadi back into main-stream and has forced the world international fashion community to name his look and kurta the Modi kurta. He is seen wearing full sleves, half sleeves kurtas in general and in important meets he supports a suit for the formal look. All fashionistas have been talking about how beautifully he represents the essence of India in his look. There have been programs on foreign channels just to discuss the relevance of his looks. Thus he occupies the no.1 spot on our list.Narendra-modi-best-dressedNarendra Modi-well-dressed-indian-politicians


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Top 5 Best Dressed International Politicians

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