Hey hi folks! It has been a long time since I decided to write a post. But there are some things after seeing which you just cant stop yourself. You either take out your bag rush to the stores, or take out your laptop and write how you wish you had these. Well I generally end up doing the latter, so here again I am writing about some beautiful wedding dresses that I came across recently. Maybe this is that time in my life where I feel so into the institution of marriage that I end up liking all things related to it. Well anyway, lets come back to the dresses part. I just saw these beautiful wedding dresses and as anyone can guess I was jumping on the seat and wishing I had them. These are just beautiful and I wish I become a proud owner of one of them someday. So I shortlisted some of the best dresses of the lot which I would rather want to call my dream wedding dresses. The best part is I am very forward looking, I have selected a dress not just for my own wedding but for the daughters/ sons future wedding (PS: I just want a reason to buy/ imagine myself in dresses), so I also have a dress which I call the maternal wedding dress.


Here are the two dresses. Just take a look at them arent they just too gorgeous???



I was almost finished writing the thing, but then I remembered, I have this friend whose mother asked me to suggest her a dress for her daughters wedding, so I decided why not include a mother of the bride dresses to my list too. It looked like a good idea, plus as even my mother follows the blog, who knows even she might see it and surprise me at my wedding wearing it. So this will be my choice if I were to buy a dress for my mother or for that matter my sisters mother.


There you go so finally I have a collection of the desired dresses that I want for myself, my more grown up self and any mother whose daughter is getting married. I hope you liked my choices. Do leave comments on how you liked it or if you, given a chance would wear these..! Bbyyee gals love you all :***

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