I had been searching for a cheap trimmer all this while which is good in quality. Surfing the net I found this product and ordered it for around 800 rupees. This skin pro trimmer is a product of Philips thus I could trust it and buy. It got delivered, I used it and here I am writing about Philips Pro Skin-Advanced Trimmer (BT3200).

Philips-Pro-Skin-Advanced-Trimmer- (BT3200)- Review

About Philips Pro Skin-Advanced Trimmer (BT3200):

Well this is a single blade trimmer and not the one you can make different styles with. It has up to 10 mm lock in settings. Which means you can trim your beard of the size you want. It has an easy to use design and easily fits in the hand which I really loved. Plus this is not a battery born trimmer. It is an electric trimmer so it has an attached chord with it. It also comes with a 2 year guarantee and a cleaning brush.

Philips-Pro-Skin-Advanced-Trimmer- (BT3200)- Review Philips-Pro-Skin-Advanced-Trimmer- (BT3200)- Review

In box accessories:

The trimmer, electricity chord, lock in setter, brush for cleaning.

My experience with Philips Pro Skin-Advanced Trimmer (BT3200)

I bought the product having very less expectation and rightly so, at this price you hardly can purchase a trimmer. So when I first used it, it was smooth and I did not have any problems at all with clearing my stubble which had grown quite big by then. But subsequently using it many times, one or two times I did feel as if my hairs got plucked and it pained a little. But there was no cut and even the pain wasn’t really of much intensity. The lock in setter is easily adjustable with an adjusting meter. You can choose the lock in easily. It also gives you quite a close beard cut almost making it look like you have shaved. The cut is as close as the evening stubble after you shaved in the morning. The blade is easily detachable and can be easily removed and then put back in. Philips also provide you with a brush to clean your the left over hair inside the trimmer cavity.

Philips-Pro-Skin-Advanced-Trimmer- (BT3200)- Review Philips-Pro-Skin-Advanced-Trimmer- (BT3200)- Review

Pros and cons of Philips Pro Skin-Advanced Trimmer (BT3200):


  • The price of the trimmer is the biggest pro. You will not get such a good product at such a price. It is worth more than that and I would have easily given close to 1200-1300 for the same.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Great lock in meter with which you can easily adjust the size of your beard.
  • Gives a close shave.
  • Comes with a 2 year guarantee which means any problem and you get a new trimmer.


  • Well after you are done with your trimming this trimmer does not hold the hair in its cavity and as a result if you are using the wash basin it is full of small sticked up hair pieces which are hard to get rid of.
  • Difficulty in making different beard styles. Well if you want that you should be willing to spend a little more according to me.
  • Only suitable for removing facial hair so it cannot me your grooming kit for all body hair.
  • It runs on electricity and no battery. This is its biggest problem and a real drawback. If you don’t have electricity you can’t trim.


Well, all and all a great product. A piece of gold at the price I bought it. You should buy it, if you have scarcity of budget. If you are looking to trim your facial hair and are not into beard styling then this one is just perfect for you.


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