The popularity of adventure sports is rather high among people of all ages. It not only gives you an opportunity to get a break from your mundane life but also brings you close to nature. Trekking is one such sport that has been garnering the accolades from its enthusiasts. Seasoned trekkers are well-aware of the importance of gear selection before heading out. Apart from the protective gears, you need to give special attention when it comes to selecting the right shoes for the trip. While trekking, you will be on your feet most of the time. If you are not comfortable in the shoes, then you will fail to attain the actual fun experience. Most shoe manufacturing companies have an exclusive line dedicated for trekking purpose. One can search for the casual shoes online, and get them delivered to the specified address within a few days. But make sure that you break into your trekking shoes, and then use it for your ultimate destination.

Popularity of online purchase of casual shoes

Though experts suggest that it is best to purchase a pair of shoes, which are designed to offer comfort during trekking, you can do without these, if you possess a pair of good quality casual shoes as well. It only holds if the trekking terrain is not too challenging. In recent times, more and more people are opting for online stores over the traditional shoe stores. Many reasons work in unison to enhance the popularity of purchasing casual shoes online. The online stores like Tata Cliq never compromise with the quality of the items. Apart from this, you will not have to worry about getting the right size, which sometimes becomes an issue in traditional stores. If you are looking for variety, then reputed online stores will meet your requirements in that department as well.

Top 5 casual shoes for trekking tours

As the term “casual” suggests, these shoes are built for semi-formal and informal events. But if you are expecting a mildly testing trekking track, then these casual shoes will work like magic there as well. It is not hard to find a shoe that will be ideal for outdoor activities. With Tata Cliq by your side, the task of picking casual shoes online will become effortless.

1. Woodland Causal Khaki Shoes

There are no extra points for guessing that Woodland has dominated the shoe manufacturing industry for several decades. They are well-known for their heavy-duty adventure sports shoes, which will take on any rough terrain easily. Now, the company has come out with a vast range of casual shoes, which can be used for outdoor sports activities as well. The Khaki Woodland casual shoes fit the bills correctly. This casual footwear will offer the ultimate comfort that you are looking for. No matter what your feet size is, you will find the perfect pair for you. The sole of these shoes is made of heavy-duty rubber. Rubber sole offers more grip on the terrain, and prevent spillage. Apart from this, the upper material of the shoe is Nubuck leather. If the trekking trip requires crossing small streams, then it is the ideal pick. The leather will keep your feet dry as it is waterproof.

2. Skechers Black Slip-on Casual Shoes

Skechers is another shoe manufacturing company that offers shoes for all purposes. If you are looking for ‘no-fuss no-muss’ footwear, then this will fit the bill perfectly. With this shoe, you will not have to worry about any lose shoestrings. It is a slip-on slip-off shoe that offers excellent comfort. The inside of the shoe has a special lining that will provide a soft cushioning to your feet. Apart from this, it will also keep your feet dry. It has a snug fit. So, you need not worry about it slipping off on the way. A look at the Tata Cliq page will show you the available sizes. The sole is made of flexible rubber, while the upper part is made of mesh. The footwear is also available in attractive colors.

3. United Colors of Benetton Brogue Shoes

A high percentage of trekking enthusiasts swear by the quality of the UCB shoes. They are sturdy, water-resistant and easy to maintain. Another benefit of investing in a casual UCB Brogue shoe is that you will have multiple uses with it. The footwear is sturdy enough to tolerate the unforgiving rough trekking terrain. The inner design offers adequate relaxation to the feet, keeping them warm and dry. The dark brown color prevents it from getting dirty quickly. As the upper shoe part is made of synthetic material, wiping it with a dry cloth will take off most of the dirt. The synthetic material will prevent water accumulation; thereby the shoe will last longer.

4. Red Chief Casual Navy Slip-on Shoes

Tata Cliq has a rather impressive collection of Red Chief shoes. From formal footwear to casual flip-flops, you will find everything on this portal. It is also available in several sizes. The sole of this slip-on casual footwear is made of TPR material, while the upper part is pure leather. The color of this pair is navy blue that will complement your attire as well. Though it is a costly pair, Tata Cliq will offer an attractive discount on it. If you still have not found desirable casual shoes online, then this deserves consideration.

5. Salomon RX Slip-on Shoes

Another slip-on casual shoe that has been making ripples in the market is the Salomon RX. The footwear has been designed for those who like to jet out for mild trekking trips. To ensure proper grip, the sole is carved out of tough rubber. The upper surface of the slip-on is fashioned with handmade Nubuck leather. The mesh on the inside will ensure proper air-circulation; thereby keeping your feet cool and dry.

There are many other brands, which have listed their products on Tata Cliq. With so many options at your disposal, selecting the correct casual trekking shoe will no longer be a challenge.

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