What’s in Your Bag This Summer? Must Haves

must haves in bag this summer-beautyandfashionfreaks1With the onset of summer, much like wardrobes, the items in a lady’s handbag need to revamped. So, I am here with a “must haves list in your bag” to beat the heat this summer:

Sunscreen:sunscreen-woman-applying-to-face-mus haves in summer bagWithout a doubt, Sunscreen is the most important item in your summer bag, most importantly when you don’t plan to spend the summer indoors. If you wanna throw a worry of getting your skin tanned then, it’s essential to toss a bottle of sunscreen into your bag. To protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, opt for SPF 50 that gives your skin optimum protection.

Facial Wipes: woman-using-face-wipe-must haves in summer bagIf you want to be thankful after a long sweaty day in the sun then you must carry facial wipes in your hand bag. These facial wipes will provide a quick and easy refreshing way to feel alive and rejuvenated.

Make-Up Base: applying-base-musy haves in summer bagSimply kick off your elaborate make-up kit and instead of using a primer or compact; opt for the Lakme 9to5 Super Sunscreen which acts as a perfect make-up base along with giving sun protection with SPF 50.

Sunglasses: sunglass-picture-must haves in summer bagAnother thing to carry in your handbag is a pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the UV rays. Moreover, a pair of chic sunglasses can definitely up your style quotient.

Mini Deodorant:Deodorant_must haves in summer bagIt’s obvious that during summers we tend to perspire more and spraying a deodorant occasionally will not only save us from any kind of embarrassment but also will keep us relieved.

Sanitizer: hand_sanitizer (1)Germs love the summer heat as well as the moisture which tend to come with sweat, so sanitizer is also a must have in your summer bag. Always use a hand sanitizer before you indulge in any snacking.

A tinted lip balm or gloss:TINTED-LIP-BALM-must haveJust like skin your lips are also vulnerable to the harsh rays of sun, so to protect your lips from any kind of sun damage and keep them moisturized, you should definitely keep a tinted balm or gloss in your bag.

Face mist: woman-misting-face-must have in summer bagOpt for a face mist to feel alive and refreshed this summer. Simply make your own- Simply put some rose water in a spray bottle and you are done. Spray on your face whenever you feel heated and tired.

Water Bottle: water-bottle-must have in summer bagTo prevent yourself from heat stroke, you should definitely carry a water bottle in your hand bag, as this will help you in staying hydrated in the scorching summer heat. You can a pick a bottle with fluid measurements printed. This is the best way to know that how much H2O you are consuming.

Girls if you think there are more items which can be added to this “Must haves list this summer” then I will be really happy if you share with us.

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