Top 9 Bollywood Actresses’ Makeovers We Like!


Bollywood is the place for glitz and glamor and who else but the ladies add this color to the mansion. We have seen some of the disasters in terms of surgeries and makeovers in recent past take Anushka‘s lip job for example to Koeina Mitra’s failure with surgery. But what we fail to hail are the successes actresses have had with these surgeries and makeovers. Today we will share the most successful surgeries and makeovers the tinsel town has ever seen. You will be surprised to see some of the names in this list. Let’s get started

Madhuri Dixit:

First on the list is this timeless beauty. What? You don’t know she has undergone surgeries??? You think it is all natural? Just take a look at these two pics and the difference. When she first entered Bollywood with her movie Abodh she was hardly beautiful and gradually she transformed herself and came to be called one of the most beautiful actresses Indian Cinema has ever seen.

madhuri madhuri-abodh

Shilpa Shetty:

She might be a dusky beauty now but she never was this beautiful before. From surgeries to makeovers her current look is a compilation of all things put together. If I don’t tell you who this girl is you will hardly recognize that she is Shilpa Shetty Kundra.


Aishwarya Rai:

Well yeah even she is on the list. She was always beautiful but the makeover which happened only after she entered Bollywood made her the most beautiful women on this planet. She gets full marks for makeover from us.

Aiswarya+rai+old+Aishwarya Rai at L'Oreal photoshoot during Cannes 2014 beauty and fashion freaks 1


She from no angle looked like a beauty when she entered Bollywood. She then transformed into one. This is one of the most amazing makeovers we have seen in Bollywood’s history. From a dark not so beautiful girl to Simran of Raj (in DDLJ).



All the greatest actresses of recent times have gone under the knife and look the way they do now. She too has had the greatest makeover you will see. If you rank the best makeovers she for sure will be on the top of the list.

sridevi sri-devi-beautiful

Priyanka Chopra:

She became the first runner’s up in Miss India and became the Miss World after that. She has transformed since then. She looks utterly hot now which wasn’t the same some years back. You can just see the difference from the pictures. This makes us believe that yes true makeovers do exist.


Karisma Kapoor:

This beauty of the Kapoor khandaan came to the films and stole the show in her years. But she wasn’t as hot, beautiful and lovely as she later became. She too underwent one of the greatest makeovers in Indian film industry. It even looks like she went under the knife, but who cares, what matters is how you look after the makeover and she looks just awesome.

beautiful-karishma-kapoor-pictures_2292 karisma-kapoor

Vidya Balan:

She started her career with a famous T.V. serial Hum Panch and gradually made her way to Bollywood. She is one of the few actresses if not only who makes the movie hit just on the basis of her performance. She has had a great make over and groomed herself to perfection. Her face looks just perfect now. If she loses some weight she has the ability to compete with the most beautiful girls of Bollywood in terms of looks.



We have called her the Diva. Her never dying beauty has a lot to do with surgeries and styling. According to me she gets the title for the best makeover the industry has seen. When I see her old pictures I never find her even worthy of a supporting role in films. But after the makeover she has burnt the silver screen with each of her Ada, jhatka and matka.


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