Ayur Herbal Astringent With Aloe Vera Review


Merry Christmas and a big Helloooo to all. So here I am back with another review and it is “Ayur Herbal Astringent With Aloe Vera” this time. As we all know that Ayur is a famous brand which has a huge range of herbal products that are very much affordable. Generally I keep on switching different brands and keep on experimenting with different products. I have used this astringent many a times in past and currently also I am using this one. So let us move forward with the review.
What does the product claims:
Ayur’s Astringent Lotion is a herbal preparation which:
  •  Contains Aloe vera, Comphor and Mint.
  •   It’s antiseptic and cooling properties check over-secretion of sebum.
  •  It is best suited for oily, acne-prone and problematic skin.


How To Use: Never rub on the skin, always pat it with cotton wool. Apply it before putting make up.
Price: INR 40
Quantity: 100ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

My Take on Ayur Herbal Astringent With Aloe Vera
Toning is very important for our skin but when you have oily skin then you need to take extra care of your skin. If you have oily skin then you should go for a good astringent for the toning part.
This product comes in a whit color translucent bottle with a green color cap. You can easily see that how much quantity is remaining.  Underneath the green color cap is the tight shut lid which needs to be pierced through for taking the astringent out. The astringent is greenish in color with a very strong fragrance. The fragrance might bother people with sensitive nose.
I apply this astringent with cotton balls and I found it really effective in removing oil and dirt. The astringent gets absorbed easily by skin and gives a very cooling sensation to the skin. It makes your skin feel refreshed. It controls oil secretion from face for 3-4 hours which makes your foundation stay longer. I personally prefer astringent for removing dirt over cleansing milk as I found astringent more effective in removing dirt. So overall it is a good product at this price and complete value for money.
Cotton before use
Cotton after use
Pros of Ayur Herbal Astringent With Aloe Vera
  • Very effective in removing oil and dirt.
  • Gives a cooling sensation to skin.
  • Makes your skin feel refreshed.
  • Controls oil secretion for 3-4 hours.
  • Makes your makeup stay longer.
  • Affordable.
  • Good quantity.
  • Herbal product.
  • Good for oily and acne prone skin.
  • Easily available.


Cons of Ayur Herbal Astringent With Aloe Vera
  • Strong fragrance which might irritate sensitive nose.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Will not be suitable for dry skin.


Final Rating: 4.25/5
Will I repurchase Ayur Herbal Astringent With Aloe Vera??
Well yes, as it is a cost effective and good product especially for oily skin and at the same time it is very effective in removing oil and dirt.
Do I recommend Ayur Herbal Astringent With Aloe Vera??
Yes surely to all those who has oily and acne prone skin.


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    Naomi Ganzu

    (October 25, 2014 - 4:31 pm)

    I have not tried this at all! But looks wonderful 🙂 Where can I buy this?

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