Well as soon as we hear the word marriage in any actress’s life we feel her career has finished. Though this to some extent has changed in Bollywood but even now it is not a piece of cake for any actress to start working or work like she did when she wasn’t married. This was just about marriage now just think about the actress becoming a mother? Well it is even more difficult to imagine a comeback after that. But the mummies here on our list have proved each and every one wrong, not just by staging come backs but by looking even more beautiful than any previous occasion each time you look at them. They have come over their post pregnancy fat and looked even slimmer and hotter. So that is why we call them yummy mummies of B-town. We will start with the mummy we have last on our list and move to the top of the ladder for the yummiest mummy of Bollywood.


A bit unusual starting isn’t it? Now some will say she’s too old to be on the list but I ask them isn’t she still yum?? She still looks better than her daughters, still young despite her age. So here we have given her tenth place on our list.beautyandfashionfreaksEsha-Deol-Hema-Malini


Now her daughter might be ready for a Bollywood debut but she still looks like a diva and makes a thousand hearts beat whenever she hits the silver screen. So she just had to be on our list.sridevi-with-family


She might not be known for her make up skills but seeing her loose the stubborn post pregnancy fat with ease and looking ravishing again was a big surprise. With her looks and now with her hot figure she sure has a place in our list.

Celina Jaitley In Gauri and Nainika At Indian Telly Awards


The former miss universe not doubt is one of the most beautiful and confident lady India has. She has been an inspiration to many, but what has not changed is her hotness level which keeps on increasing with each passing day and motherhood has been no different.Devika Omtex's Eid-lara dutta8


There might be different perceptions to this one, some might want her on the top and some would want her lower on the ladder. But I think this spot is the best for her. Post pregnancy she has had a very low profile and has kept herself aloof the giltz and glamour. She no doubt is beautiful but to be on the top you need to be fit and loose some fat. So sorry ash no top of the list position here.AISHWARYA RAI in Roberto Cavalli at Cannes 2014 beauty and fashion freaks4


She might not be a biological mother to her daughter renne but nevertheless she is a mother which makes her qualify to our list. She is a beauty and no parallels can be drawn to her personality.sushmita-sen-at-blenders-pride-fashion-tour-for-shivan-narresh-18


She’s a creation of god which is hardly common. A beauty, diva, a persona which makes you fall in love every time you see her. Pregnancy has had little effect on her. With two sons she looks more beautiful than what she was in her prime.madhuri_dixit_with_kids-beautyandfashionfreaks


She may have got the much deserved fame from big brother but she always has been the beauty to watch out for. She is a girl whom any guy would love to take to his mother. That’s what Raj kundra did and got blessed with a baby boy and shilpa just got hotter and hotter after that.shilpa-beautyandfashionfreaks


When you talk about mummies, and yummies she is the true definition of both. Just after her pregnancy, it looked like she never was pregnant. It seems she was size zero the next day after she gave birth to a child. When you see her now you can say she’s has ever been pregnant. Everything is just so perfect about her, from her figure to her dressing sense thus I have given her the second position in our list.beautyandfashionfreaks


I bet some of you wouldn’t even know she’s a mother. For those who don’t know she is a mother. And do I have to say anything about her hotness??? She is the yummiest mummy of b-town.chitrangda

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