Today I am going to review “VOTRE Exfoliance Skin Polishing Scrub” for you all. I was introduced to this brand through Fab-bag when they sent VOTRE toner. I really like the toner as it suited my oily skin and fulfilled the claims to a great extent. So, I thought of exploring this brand and wanted to try other products as well. This skin polishing scrub attracted me and I immediately purchased it from an online store.votre-scrub7 Price: Rs 520 for 200 gm


  • Creamy, rich formula that leaves your skin feeling comfortable, smooth and soft
  • Designed especially for feet, hands and body
  • Can be used for exfoliation, scrubbing and body polishing
  • votre-scrub6

My Experience with VOTRE Exfoliance Skin Polishing Scrub: VOTRE Exfoliance Skin Polishing Scrub comes in a big white and silver tub packaging with a cap on top. Again tub packaging, which I’m not very fond of because you have to be careful while using it. I use a spoon every time I use this scrub to maintain the hygienic. My sister also uses this scrub thus I wish it was packaged in a tube.votre-scrub The fragrance of the scrub is mild but very pleasant. The sweet mild fragrance lingers while you scrub. I don’t think anyone will be affected with the scent as it’s not strong. The texture is creamy and it’s white in color with light pink beads in it which are hardly visible. The scrub has minute and mild scrubbing particles. This scrub is meant for hands, legs and other parts of body so I was expecting the granules to be a little hard. I’m a hard-core scrubber and I love using scrubs with coarse and grainy texture. I know harsh exfoliation is harmful but on my face I prefer using mild scrubs only but for body I want something with grainy texture. I was disappointed with the texture but I still tried it on my legs after returning back from college.

It exfoliated my legs really well and I also see that my tan was removed to a great extent. Seeing this result, I quickly looked into the ingredient list and found Licorice as main ingredient. For those who don’t know, licorice helps in fading dark spots and is a whitening agent. It’s used in many cosmetics.  I also tried it on my arms, my arm tan was also reduced. It removes new tan easily but I am still struggling with it to reduce old tan from my arms. Since, the exfoliation is mild but effective; I use this scrub daily after coming back home from direct sun. It exfoliates my body, reduces tan and gives me radiant skin. Since, the scrub is mild I have also tried using it on my face in the hope that it will reduce my acne marks. It exfoliates my face really well without stripping away moisture. Due to the creamy texture, it keeps my skin hydrated. It did not work on my dark spots but reduced tan effectively from my face too. votre-scrub3


votre-scrub5 Pros of VOTRE Exfoliance Skin Polishing Scrub

  • The quantity justifies the price
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Very mild scrub granules
  • Creamy texture
  • Perfect for those who like mild scrubbing
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Can be used on any part of body, I use on arms, legs and face
  • Gives clear and radiant skin
  • Exfoliates skin really well
  • Creamy texture keeps skin hydrated and it doesn’t strip natural oils from skin
  • Makes skin smooth and soft
  • Reduces tan effectively
  • Contains licorice which is a whitening agent

Cons of VOTRE Exfoliance Skin Polishing Scrub

  • Only key ingredients mentioned
  • Doesn’t work on dark spots
  • The granules are mild (it can be a con fort some)

Rating: 4.5/5

Final Recommendation: If you are looking for a good body scrub which exfoliates your skin and also reduces tan at the same time then you should definitely purchase VOTRE Exfoliance Skin Polishing Scrub. But if you are hard-core scrubbing fan and love using hard scrubs then you will be disappointed. I would definitely repurchase it whenever this one gets over.

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VOTRE Exfoliance Skin Polishing Scrub Review, Pictures and Swatches

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