Hello beauties! We are about to say goodbye to 2013 and I know most of you are busy in planning your New Year’s Eve. I hope you all have a blast tonight. Today I am going to review Vivel Cell Renew Energising Face Cleanser+Scrub.” I have already reviewed the other face wash introduced by Vivel in this range. So let us continue with the review.



What does the product claim:

Energise and rejuvenate your skin in the evening(Cell Renew Energising) Face Cleanser + Scrub

Skin after a long day

Our lifestyles are becoming extremely hectic these days. Just as we feel tired at the end of the day, our skin feels dull and tired too. The stress of everyday life can cause:

(a)   Increase in oil production.
(b)   Accumulation of dead skin cells which makes our face look lifeless by the end of the day.

But our day does not end that soon! Come evening and one has to restart the day with family and friends. Cell Renew Energising Face Wash is specially designed for evening use which awakens your skin after a long day. Infused with Orange Zest and Micro Pearls, this face wash has an energising action that alleviates signs of day-end dullness for that refreshing energy boost.

How does it work??

1)      Rejuvenating Micro Pearls in the face wash gently exfoliates the accumulated dead skin cells and reduces dullness.
2)      Removes sebum and stickiness for a refreshing energy boost.
3)      Infused with Orange Zest & Pro-Vitamin E.

Launched with an introductory offer:
33% more with 50 ml at INR 79 20% more with 100 ml at INR 139

Shelf Life: 17 months

Apply on wet face. Gently massage in circular motion with fingertips avoiding the eye-contour. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Use twice daily.


My take on Vivel Cell Renew Energising Face Cleanser+Scrub

The face wash comes in a white tube with a flip cap. The cap is tight and sturdy which prevents any kind of spillage. So the overall packaging makes the product quite travel friendly. The face wash is pale orange in color and contains small scrub particles which are not at all harsh on skin. The orange micro scrub particles provide mild exfoliation. The texture of this face wash is gel like and kind of runny in nature. The face wash has a fruity or better to say a very orangey fragrance which is very mild and refreshing. The fragrance will not at all bother sensitive nose.


The face wash lathers quite well and does not leave any dry or stretchy feeling on my combination skin after washing the face. The face wash is soap free so that means it would not dry out your skin. The best part is that the product provides the benefit of cleansing and gentle exfoliation at the same time. It removes excess oil from skin and keeps it shine free for almost 3-4 hours. It adds a visible glow to face. The bad news is this it is not effective enough to remove blackheads and blemishes. But don’t worry girls there are more of good news than bad. The face wash did not break me out. My face felt clean and smooth after using the face wash. Gel based cleansers are a very good option for oily skin. I guess the product will be suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. I am not sure about dry skin. So overall I am very much satisfied with this product.


Pros of Vivel Cell Renew Energising Face Cleanser+Scrub
·                     Provides mild exfoliation due to the scrub particles it contains.
·                     Makes skin smooth and clean.
·                     Gives visible glow to face.
·                     Removes extra oil from skin.
·                     Keeps skin shine free for 3-4 hours.
·                     Travel friendly packaging.
·                     Gel based texture.
·                     Mild and orangey fragrance.
·                     Provides benefit of cleansing and gentle exfoliation at the same time.
·                     Soap free due to which it does not take away moisture from skin.

Cons of Vivel Cell Renew Energising Face Cleanser+Scrub
·                     Not very much effective in removing blackheads and blemishes.
·                     Lots of chemicals.
·                     Not very suitable for dry skin.
Final Rating: 4/5
Will I repurchase Vivel Cell Renew Energising Face Cleanser+Scrub??
Yes I will repurchase the product as its gel based texture worked very well for my combination skin.
Do I recommend Vivel Cell Renew Energising Face Cleanser+Scrub??
Yes, I do recommend it to others especially those with oily, combination and normal skin. But I guess it would not be that suitable for people with dry skin.

Note: The product was received from ITC Ltd. PR but that does not affect the review.

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