Hey you readers! I just got hold of a new app and I would love to review it for you all, keeping it brief but informative enough for you all to understand what exactly it is. We talk about VeeV starting with what VeeV basically is:


VeeV is an advanced image processing app, which helps you keep track of your apparel (and other physical items.) All that you need to do is take a picture of your attire; app lets you know when and where you wore it last and who else was in attendance with you. ?Still a bit vague to understand? Well, this app uses patented digital image processing for searching and matching?images of apparel, purses, jewelry etc. and this is how the app?works:

1. You take an image of the apparel

2. Enter related information through an easy input method when used, where
bought, or who might have gifted, where worn and attendees at the event

3. Retrieve information about the item just by taking another picture

4. Share images for event coordination with your family and friends.



Take a picture of your apparel. The app lets you know when you wore it last.


Get control of your clothing collection. Their state-of-the-art imaging technology becomes your aide in dressing up uniquely.



Events feature captures occasion (parties, birthdays..) when the apparel was worn and keeps track of attendees.

New Search Dimension

With the help of our supersonic image recognition, all you need to do is take a picture of the apparel to know when you wore it last.


Simple User Interface

We handcrafted simple and easy to use interface which adapts native Android and iOS design features that you will appreciate.

Events Log

With one of the App’s ingenious features, you will be able to record all the events for which you have worn an apparel to.

It is available for download as an app on android devices and apple devices as well. So guys get started with your online wardrobe collection and all that follows!

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