Gone are the days when you used the word glasses to refer to spects. This is 21st century and a lot has transformed. Today, what you get in the name of glasses are eyewear and they are nothing less that stylish, chic and fashionable that makes you look like star of your own kind. So have inhibitions about sporting an eyewear? Thinking that it will steal all your glamour and permanently give you a nerdy look? No ways! Instead the opposite would happen. When chosen wisely and smartly, you can get the best frame that suits your face, persona and adds a new dimension to your overall personality. And the eyewears arent steeply priced. When you used Lenskart coupon code you get the best deals online. Here is some frame that would enhance your look and heal your vision as well.

The Chunky Bold Glasses-The Dorky Nerdy Look with a Difference


The nerdy look that was apparently considered insignificant at a time today is the number one look to sport when you add a touch of chic and style to it! With bold frames it creates a solid look that pronounces your personality. What is important here is to choose the right frame. So get selective on that. Style wise if you have a chiselled face or a heart-shaped or a little elongated chin, then this glass type would give you a stunning Globus model look.

The Cat Eye Glasses-Style with an Attitude and Subtlety


Apparently one of the most popular eyewear trends for a couple of years the cat eye glasses style is inspired from the yester year looks. With a little bit of styling and modification and glass frame patterns and combinations give the impression of an up-town fashionista. The best thing about this glass type is that it can be sported by any one. That means you could have a thin chiselled face, an average face or even a plump face usually in a round shape and this frame will look all good on you. It has a bit of a Victorian or Vintage feel to it blended well with the English finesse that you get to see in the frame shape.

The Huge Round Shapes Glasses-John Lennon Reinvented


This first name that would hit your mind when you look at these glasses is John Lennon! And the round glass frames is not out of vogue. Rather, it reinvented the John Lennon glasses is a classy way. As previously the John Lennon frame was only available as shades and sunglasses. Today, you can sport the same look in spectacles. And this is perfect for the ones that have their quirky sense of fashion and want to make their eye frames look a bit interesting. Face wise it more or less looks cool on everyone, just because of its frame type.

The Elegant Detailing Eyewear-For the Classy Diva


If you are style conscious and want to sport a distinctive look, then this glass type is certainly going to be a head turner for you. Sleek, defined and detailed to perfection it is for the woman who care a wee bit more about her eyewear than the nail paint.

The eyewear genre is coming up with attractive choices that would make your otherwise boring glasses into a stylish eyewear you wouldnt want to do without.

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