I love carrying ponytails! I feel that you can never go wrong with pony tails. These pony tails are easy to make and look really stylish. There are many fashion trends which change with time but this ponytail fashion tail never loses its charm and never goes out of fashion. These pony tails always remain very in along with other makeup and fashion trends. 

Pony tails can be carried out as messy or sleek fashion style. These pony tails goes well with all the looks and makes you look simply gorgeous. If you really want to flaunt a no fuss hairstyle then pony tail must be your first pick.
One of the variant of pony tail is a puffed pony tail which is sported by almost all the girls of different age groups. Be it an office going lady, a celebrity or a college going teenage girl. Today, I am going to share 10 Best Puffed Pony Tail hairstyles. Check them out:
1. Short Front Bangs Puffed Up Pony:
Get ready to flaunt this amazing hair style by giving a bump and puff along with a tease on the crown and center partition on the front with bangs on both the sides:
2. Bumpy Pony with Hair Band:
Bumped up pony if used with a beautiful hair band then this looks really classy and will surely enhance your looks.
3. Crunchy and Crispy Puffed Pony:
Get ready for this crunchy and crisped puffy pony tail by setting wavy curls in the tail and tease on the front.
4. Messy Side Knotted Puffed Up Low Pony:
This puffed pony is for long hair, make a messy puffed up low pony at one side along with stylish knot:
5. Messy Puffy Pony:
Messy puffs also look so stylish and if you add a pony with some front bangs then this without a doubt will make you look gorgeous. Crimped look can also be added to your hair style with this puffed up pony tail.
6. Clean Puffed Up Pony:
If you wanna look sweet and elegant then this teased clean pony tail must be your pick, this is one of the favourites of many celebs as well and it is called as red carpet favourites. This pony tail has a very charming appeal and it will surely add a dash to you style. Have a look:
7. Puffed Up Crowns:
If you want to add contemporary style to your look and simply go for puff on the back and clean on the front as seen in the picture below:
8. Puffed Up and Clean On The Sides Pony:
Give small bump on the front crown along with a clean side, you will surely make a style statement:
9. Elegant Puffed Up Side Knotted Pony:
This simple pony is one of my favourites. Make a style statement with simultaneous tying of pony in the side. This is very simple and gives an extremely classy look.
10. Beautiful Puffed and Knotted Low Pony:
To add a nice and beautiful appeal to your look make a low pony on the back along with even knots to give a knotted puffed low pony look.
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