Well, all you beauty and fashion freaks, here is the time of elections in Harayana and Maharashtra. Some elections have just passed by. All people like us only look for fashion sense even in the politicians 😛 ..! So here I have compiled a list of some of India’s most well dressed politicians. No congress-BJP here. Here only those will win who have a taste that gets a thumbs up….!

Well we will start from the 8th spot and slowly move to the winner of our list.


She’s the former EYE CANDY of Tamil Cinema. Beautiful in her young days. She has carried it forward in her dressing sense after turning a politician. Well though her style is simple and plain, she still looks respectable (better than most politicians if not all). Thus I have included her in the list. Though she lacks that X-factor but still she’s good enough for our number 8 spot.

jayalaitha-most-well-dressed-politicians Jayalalitha-most-best-dressed-politician


The young blood of congress, an eligible bachelor, and an able’d politician having a great dressing sense. Everything looks good on him from a simple white kurta to a complete suited up look. He deserves to be on our list.



Here comes the lady born with the silver spoon, but fashion comes naturally to her. She looks beautiful in her casual looks when she’s home and perfect in her political rallies saree’s. Even though she has a big plus with her looks, she still is at the sixth spot as she lacks that luster.  She still can do a lot better if she works on her looks.



The Italian beauty has surely made some mark on the fashion scorecard. Her saree has become famous and the way she carries herself wearing it is a big big thumbs up. So she surely gets a place in our list.

Sonia Gandhi


The Kashmiri chief minister has a royal touch in his dressing sense that makes him stand out in the crowd. He looks perfect in a coat suit as well as a sherwani and Jinnah cap. He just knows how to carry it perfectly.



The prince of Gwalior of the scindia dynasty, is for sure deserving to be in our list. His simple, Indian and confident personality makes him carry off various styles effortlessly. Well ladies he is not only the future of congress’s politics but a perfect gentlemen, making him all the more desirable.

jyotiraditya scindia-well-dressed-politicians


The smart, London born, Kerela MP might find himself in “Modi love” or any other controversy among his fellow congressmen one day after the other, but one thing is for sure, whenever we in India discuss about the well dressed politicians. He is surely going to feature among them. He is classy, sophisticated, learned, and well dressed. He breaks the jinx of “politicians are not well dressed”. If you consider style then he is the one to look up to.



Well no prices for guessing who is to feature on the top of the list. He is the man of the moment, the man of skill, courage, will, and what not, but even more he’s a newsmaker. From the words he speaks to the clothes he wear, all are in the news all the time. His dressing sense has been a matter of debate not just in India or the Indian subcontinent but worldwide. He supports a traditional Indian attire i.e. kurta pajama but with a difference. He sometimes wears half sleeves kurta and sometimes half coat with the kurta, making him one of the most sought after politicians of the world.

Narendra Modi-well-dressed-indian-politicians

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