Realistic considerations you need to take prior to purchasing a wallet

Wallets have transcended from being just a means of storing our physical cash, to being a storage device for our credit cards, sim cards, business cards, photographs, and other such material. And while the wallet is still dramatically less filled than the typical purse or handbag, the reality of the matter is that men are just as bad as women are with collecting and toting about junk. If you are looking to simplify your wallet, or if you need to purchase a new wallet here are a few realistic considerations you should take prior to purchasing.


Where will you store the wallet?

When trying to determine the best wallet for men it is paramount that you understand where the wallet will be stored. If the wallet is to be kept in the coat pocket, then a slim wallet or a compact option may be the best solution as one would not want to have the front chest of a vest or leather jacket budging out. Should the wallet be stored in the rear pocket, then a “traditional” wallet may be chosen. However, this too may not be the ideal choice depending upon the person’s weight. The larger the waist size on the pants, the more there will be pressing against the pocket and the more difficult it will be to remove the wallet from the back pocket. As humorous as this may sound to some, it is actually a consideration worth noting.

What will be stored in the wallet?

The best wallets for men are those wallets which are both stylish to the man who is carrying such as well as functional. While it may be idealistic to upgrade a wallet to a slim or compact RCID Blocking modern wallet, in truth, it may be impractical for the person for whom you are purchasing the wallet. Take into consideration:

  • The number of credit cards which will need to be held
  • If he carries large sums of cash
  • If he has business cards – Personally, I feel that a professional should have a separate container for business cards rather than shove them into a wallet where they can get all bent up
  • Does the person keep additional substance in his wallet – receipts, photographs, other people’s business cards, and condoms are all common in a wallet. Obviously, you would not want some of this being flashed about in a smaller wallet but would want to conceal it until needed.

Are they worth spending the extra money on?

Be honest, there are some people who you would not mind spending the extra money on a genuine leather wallet for and then there are those whom you would only spend $5. The main determining factor is probably how the person will treat the wallet. When choosing a leather wallet, if the person is not going to clan the leather, it may be more beneficial to go with faux leather or something cheap as the genuine leather is sure to break down and crack shortly after purchase. However, if you know the person will care for the wallet and use conditioners and cleaner upon it then seek out genuine leather.

Colors and Style

Apart from the functionality and the placement of the wallet, picking the best wallet for a man is highly dependent upon the character and style of the person for whom it is intended. Rugged men typically choose wallets of cow hide and thicker leather as it meets their personality (no not all of them have the biker chain attachment and studded wallets). Thinner wallets which are made from less durable material are generally found in the pockets of men who wear business jeans and such attire. The Slim Wallet and compact wallet is common in higher executive persons where credit cards are preferred over cash and where minimalism is seen as a virtue. Of course, these are generalizations and the character of one person does not dictate the preferences of another. Know the style of the person as well as their color pallet (you would not want a red tanned leather alligator skin wallet for someone who only wears black).

Ask the person that you are purchasing a wallet for

The best way to pick the best wallet for a man is to ask the person what their preference is. Men are, for the most part, creatures of habit. While the typical man will be open to a new style of wallet, do not be surprised if they look a bit skeptical in changing up their “system”. To avoid getting the wrong kind, do what people have been doing all along and ask.

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