Hey there pretty fashion freaks! With New Year comes a lot of new initiatives and beginnings which mark the years introduction. One such beautiful initiative or you can say a contest has been organized by Craftsvilla. Mehndi as we all know has been there in India for like a time that cant be measured enough, its ageless! Every household, every woman, every function and ceremony consider mehndi application as very propitious. This amazing mehndi artistry has evolved since and has now become more of a style addition on attires with extra glitters and even stickers. It is a beautiful art of India, which is as famous as anything traditional yet modern. Mehndi is now not restricted to only the clichd or traditional type designs but have also come up with a lot of alterations and modifications like ?from traditional Indian to Arabic to Moroccan to Designer, Bridal, Pakistani designs which might as well be the next in line to compete with trendy tattoos.


Soha Ali Khan sports herself as the face of Craftsvilla mehndi design contest. Now what exactly is this contest all about? Well, Craftsvilla is providing all of us an interesting opportunity to celebrate the auspiciousness and mehndis trend in a way like never before. It has made a move which posters the kind of international platform it should get under the different art forms.

In this contest you just have to upload your latest mehndi designs and share them with your mates, nothing too complicated is it? And in turn you get to win exciting prizes. In addition to this you can also share your favorite Mehndi moments and stories with Craftsvilla. These designs will also form a portion of the Mehndi directory. Guys, it is a great chance for those who have some amazing mehndi design on or maybe who have talent in designing mehndi.

Participate and win!

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Time To Celebrate Mehndi Artistry: Participate In Craftsvilla Mehndi Design Contest

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