Getting long hair is no more a dream now, trust me gals it is a matter of seconds. All you need to do is get some clip in hair extensions for yourself. For all those who do not know what hair extensions are, here is a brief introduction for your reference. Hair extensions are lengths of real or synthetic hair which are closely attached to a persons scalp. Hair extensions are also called hair weaves, these are used to add thickness or length to a persons natural hair. Human hair extensions are usually more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. These can be washed, conditioned or dried like natural human hair.

hair extensions

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There are several techniques which can be used for attaching hair extensions depending on the type of hair, your budget or the amount being added. Here I have mentioned few:

Micro Links and Shrink Links: Under this one extensions are added to natural hair using metal rings or keratin tubing.

Clip on Extensions: These are clip onto existing hair, there application is simple and does not require any professional help.

Fusing: Under this method a special adhesive is used to fuse extensions into your real hair.

Weaving: Using this method involves hair extensions to be sewn into the hair.

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Before you decide to get hair extensions, make sure you choose the right stylist for yourself for getting the whole process done. As choosing a wrong stylist can result in hair damage as proper training and experience is required to perform the process correctly.

So gals! This is it for now, stay connected for more info till then take care and stay gorgeous.

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