This one is for all the women out there married or unmarried who love to decorate their houses. What are the things that comes first to ones mind when we talk about decorating the house? Well they surely are cushions covers and curtains. To say the least I love matching them with my moods, different times of the year, many festivals and special occasions. Its a great feeling when they match what you are feeling.

The rooms environment changes with curtains, I even like to regulate the light coming in from the windows with various curtains. I have near transparent ones in the drawing room, and some denser ones in the bedroom.

Then there are cushion covers, I have seen some homes where cushions are virtually absent. Well I feel those places are like “a body without a soul”. Cushions are like a best friend, you can hug them play with them and what not. For me they are one of the most important aspects on any house, thus to decorate them with some beautiful clothes i.e. cushion covers is my way of decorating my house. This makes buying cushion covers my favorite pastime, hobby whatever you may call it.

You will find many types of cushion covers and curtains in the market. Different kinds of cloth, design and patterns have now a days been used for making them more and more attractive and beautiful. I go mad every time I see a new piece. It is this love for the cushions that I am writing this post and sharing with you some of my favorite designs I have recently come across.cushion-cover-bff) cushion-covers-2 cushion-covers-bff-_2

These are some of the cushion covers I love the most. I hope you like them. The best point is if you dont want to sweat it out and go shopping for these you can get these cushion covers online too. Do leave your comments in the comment box below. Thank you for reading and have a great day you beauties :*

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