On an average day we are generally always very confused with regards to what our look everyday should be like. The thought of being monotonous with our looks is dreadful. Moreover we mostly are stuck with only bothering about the upper body wear, but today we will talk about how you can play with your looks through the bottoms. Not only are the bottoms essential in our looks but they make or break the look. The right leggings or denims can make the day.

Women Denim Pants:

First on the list, and rightly so are denim pants. These are just like water, they fit in everything with ease. If you have the right color you have the right look! You can club it with a tank top, t-shirt, shirt, you name it and it works like magic. The classic blue denims are a must have in every cupboard. Not only the colors but also the types make you choose various looks, for instance you can support a look wearing high waist denims which is diametrically opposite of the look with a low waist denims. The look thus depends on your wish and mood.


Slim Harem Pants:

Well remember the bottoms Kareena Kapoor sported in ‘Mauja Hi Mauja’ song from the movie Jab We Met? These are just ones. If you have them in your wardrobe they enrich you with a whole new look which you can opt for anytime. They look hep, stylish and moreover classy. If you know how to carry them off then you are surely set to take the lookers for a ride.


Printed Leggings:

Leggings are universally found in every girls closet but if you are willing to try something new why not try some printed leggings? These are a little difficult to carry but girl if you got the confidence then go fetch them and start experimenting.



Palazzo Pants:

This is another gem that you can enrich your crown with! They provide the necessary variety you need in your wardrobe. They look different, feel classy and gives you what is needed to look different every time you step out.


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