Following are few very simple and easy tips with which you can take good care of your favourite denims:

Wash with care: It is very important to wash your jeans carefully. Always wash jeans in cold water and avoid using hot water as it can cause fading and shrinking of your jeans. Another important thing is to wash your denims inside out for a thorough wash.

Drying time: Avoid using a dryer to dry your denims and even if you have to use a dryer, try to keep the temperature at the lowest as high temperature is harmful for the fabric and shortens the life of denim clothes.
Iron your jeans well: Iron your denims with starch, it will make your jeans crispier and you can wear them few more times before you need to finally wash them.
Dry cleaning: Try to avoid washing your colored jeans frequently as washing them frequently can cause color fading. When it comes to coated denims, the only option you should go for is dry cleaning.
Use color protecting detergents: Use washing detergents that protects color from fading. Another way to protect color fading is to wash your jeans when they get dirty and skip washing when it can be avoided.   
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