Hi girls! Festive season is over, hope you all have enjoyed a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ I just had a rocking Diwali this year ๐Ÿ™‚ Yesterday, i slept late in the night and felt very dizzy ๐Ÿ™ after eating my breakfast at around 12’o clock in this morning or say noon ๐Ÿ˜‰ i planned to share “A style Guide to Combat Boots ” with all of you, which will enhance and beautify your looks. I was planning to share this post with all of you for quite some time. Its today only that have come up with this guide to โ€œCOMBAT SHOESโ€. Most of you must have heard of this or may have even own a pair of these Combat Shoes too. So letโ€™s get a quick intro to these Combat Boots.

As the name suggests, these combat shoes are created and designed for military use during training or warfare. Many designers have taken fashion inspiration from them. โ€œCOMBAT BOOTSโ€ are ankle high boots; they are chic and add a stylish affair to your looks.

If you wanna make a perfect bold statement then these are one of the best options available to wear in your feet. Mostly, many girls choose classic black as a color for these stylish boots, but other colors such as greys, leather browns etc are also a pretty good option to pick from.

At some local markets or showrooms, you may also find some Combat Boots in neon and pastels too. If you find such color, then you will be ready to borrow!

Way to Style Combat Boots

These boots come in many styling options to choose from. As winter is just around the corner, these boots are a must have accessory to rock this winter season. Opt for Laced boots as they work very well for a punked-up look. Go for a loose-fir shirt with some military prints, faux leather jeggings with a pair of chunky hoops to look like a bold n tough girl.
If you want to mix up a tough style with a girly flirtatious look the pair a cute and sweet skater skirt with some woollen pull-over, a pair of opaque tights and some combat shoes made up of leather.
So girls! Have you tried these COMBAT SHOES? Whatโ€™s your take on these?
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Style Guide to Combat Boots!

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