Smelling great doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Whether you enjoy perfume, or cologne, you can actually get your favorite scents for a fraction of the price. Here is a quick guide to finding great cheap perfume and cologne:


Use Your Nose: A lot of the brand name fragrances can inspire equally amazing, and much more cost effective scents. If you are pinning after an expensive fragrance, consider checking out some of the similar products that can cost quite a bit less. In some cases, you can find a similar brand product for a much lower price.

Go Wholesale: Thanks to modern technology, you can now find wholesale perfumes and colognes online for minimal prices. Most wholesale products are inspired by designer perfumes and have many of the same notes and accents. Look for wholesale fragrances that use a quality base to help ensure that a scent lasts throughout the day.

Check Your Routine: The way you smell depends on more than just your perfume. If you are using a strong-smelling shower gel or lotion, for instance, that scent can also stay with you throughout the day. To maximize the effects of your perfume, you should try to avoid any potently smelling products that clash with the perfume. There are plenty of natural, pleasant products that can leave a fairly neutral, though still pleasant scent. Conversely, if you use an essential oil and find that it mixes well with your favorite scent, you should continue using the two as a combination.

Finding great perfume at low costs definitely takes a bit of effort and research. Try to compare the contents of your favorite perfume to the contents of a fragrance that is less expensive to see exactly what you’ll be getting. Once you do find your favorite fragrance, the work will definitely be worth the effort.

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