Our skin is as delicate as a baby’s. It requires proper attention throughout the year. It may be difficult to take care of our skin properly with the busy schedules we all have. With every season, comes up a new skin problem that we have to deal with. Sometimes, we just forget about how important skin care is. Although, we all want a flawless skin with no problems at all. This can be made possible even with our busy lives. All you need to do is follow some tips and you’ll be good to go. These steps can be followed throughout the year, no matter what season.



The first step that you need to follow to have a good skin is knowing the kind of skin you have. You may have an oily skin but you may be using a different kind of skin care product which is not suitable for your skin. If a product works for your friend’s skin doesn’t mean it will work for you too. Each one of us has a different kind of skin which requires different kinds of products. You have to know if you have an oily skin or dry skin and then you have to select an appropriate moisturizer, sunscreen etc.  This will help you take better care of your skin.


As I said, your skin is like a baby’s. It is so delicate and sensitive. Even the smallest thing can cause a major reaction on your skin. As soon as summers are here, we start shopping for all new clothes and using all the voonik offers and showering ourselves with so many products like sunscreen, moisturizer, bug repellent etc. We just fill up our wardrobes and dressing tables with so many new products. All these can harm your skin as your skin won’t be able to handle so much at the same time. With all the sweat, it will be even more problematic and you might see rashes here and there. It’s better to go as natural as possible and be a little gentle with it. Use the least amount of products, only the necessary ones like sunscreen. Don’t hog yourself with various things so that you don’t end up with breakouts. Even, wear something that is not made up of coarse material.


Never ever use soap on your face, no matter what season it is. Soap is not good for your face at all. Choose a face wash which suits best for your skin and use it regularly. With all the sweat in summers and the spring season, you will find yourself with a sweaty face which requires cleaning from time to time. Use a face wash which isn’t too harsh on your face and which you can use regularly. Soap has basic properties which are not good for the skin on your face. In winters, your skin is already dry so don’t make it drier by using soap. Use something that can moisturize your skin properly and clean it too.


There are so many occasions where you just happen to drink. Sometimes it’s a friend’s party and sometimes it’s a Saturday night out. The thing you don’t realise here is how much harm that alcohol is causing to your skin. Getting wasted won’t just result in a bad hangover but also breakouts on your face. Alcohol aggravates your pores which results in heavy breakouts which am sure you won’t like. Drink a limited amount of liquor so that your skin doesn’t have a hangover. This applies for the whole year and not just any season. Drink huge amounts of alcohol and you will see the problems whether its summer or fall season.


Keep yourself hydrated and drink as much water as you can. Water is your best friend here. It will remove all the toxins from your body and help your skin glow. Our body has so many toxins because of all the food we take in. There has to be a way to detoxify all that. At least 6-8 glasses of water are necessary for this detox process and for having a healthy skin. In summers you should drink even more than this because sun takes up all your water but in winters this much is necessary even though we drink a lot less. You will see the change yourself when you follow this routine.


We all know the importance of healthy eating. The better you eat and the better you would look. Having a proper diet is not just important for the health of some of our organs, it’s important for our skin too. As soon as you start eating well you will see the results on your face. Your skin will glow and you won’t have as many breakouts as you did before. Eat more vegetables and less of the junk that is available in the markets. Go for home made food rather than just ordering something from a restaurant. Making yourself a healthy meal won’t hurt at all, you are going to look better. This may be a little difficult due to the lack of time in our lives but plan your schedule accordingly so that you have time to cook for yourself and eat proper meals.


Sleep is very important for the health of our skin. While we sleep, our body works on the growth of the cells in our body. It is the only time our body gets to repair itself and do the damage control. This is why a 7-8 hour sleep is very essential. Plan ahead so that you have these 7 hours for yourself. There is a reason it’s called beauty sleep because it actually enhances your beauty. You might have noticed sometimes that a pimple is there at night but in the morning it’s gone. It is because of the same reason. If our body won’t have the time to repair the damage that has been done then you will obviously notice it on your face. The damage that we face is already too much because of all the pollution. So, go to bed early with no makeup on your face so that your skin can breathe properly.


Visit your dermatologist regularly so that you may not develop a major skin problem anytime soon. You may think that your skin is fine but some inner problem may be coming up which you won’t be able to analyse. Take the opinion of your doctor and work on whatever pointers he/she mentions. Your doctor can guide you in the right direction and tell you in detail about the health of your skin. We go for regular full body checkups but they never include the check up of our skin. This is why you should take a regular visit to your skin doctor, maybe every 2 months so that you can cope up with the problems that come with changing seasons.


You might have heard so many times that when you are stressed it shows up on your face. It is very much true. We have a really stressful life these days but we need to keep this stress out of our heads to stay fit. Stress is a major reason behind so many diseases. Be stress free and help your skin be healthy too. You can’t eliminate the stressful activities, they are not in your control but you can learn to manage stress. Meditate regularly and plan your own workout routine so that you always stay fresh and happy. Regular exercise or laughter clubs can help you relieve this stress and you won’t have to deal with any problems anymore.  Make yourself happy and stay stress free.

Inculcate these small habits in your lifestyle and you will surely see the changes. Your skin doesn’t just need outer cleaning, it requires inner cleaning too. Drink more water, eat healthy, sleep early, have a cleansing routine and all your problems will be gone within no time and you will have a skin that stays healthy throughout the year.



  1. Laying off the alcohol is great advice to clearer skin, and YES to getting plenty of beauty sleep – thanks for the reminder!!


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