Hey there readers! It’s only been a few days since the very talked about movie ‘ABCD 2’ has released starring its lead actress as Shraddha Kapoor. Today’s post is about our very own Shraddha Kapoor who recently has been in talks in the media, we reveal the happening controversial moments of this lady mentioned above. Well, I keep reading about her in newspapers since she has made her entry in Bollywood with a brief role in Teen Patti and followed up by Luv ka the end. What most people have an impression of her is as a pretty pretty lady next door, all innocent, but media somehow catches it all, be it their daily tantrums, patch ups, upcoming movies or anything at all. So people, here are some popular controversies about Shraddha which you got to have a look at.

First in the list of the acclaimed controversy about her is-

  • Father reveals a bit too much about her adored daughter:

Shraddha’s dad Shakti Kapoor created much of some heat in Bollywood media when he revealed that her loving daughter is not that easy to handle. He said “that she is their dear daughter and has frequent mood swings and is quite stubborn too. It might not be a good idea messing up with her, she can’t tolerate rudeness”


Second added controversy is pretty stirred up as well-

  • Her supposed fling with Aditya Roy Kapoor:

Although neither of them ever accepted it, but we have never heard a word of denial either. According to the reports, the Aashiqui 2 couple was dating for a very long time until their break up due to some reason.


Third controversy that stands out in the list is brought along by Pakistani media-

  • Shraddha along with her Ek Villain co-star posed for a Pakistan based daily, which drew much of Pakistani media’s unwelcomed anger as the actress’s outfit was a simple black and white top paired with shorts, whose length was claimed to be profane by their media. That image was later seen to be photo shopped with black leggings underneath the shorts.


Fourth one is-The very discussed boycott by the paparazzi:

  • The actress was in talks when during the promotion of Ek Villain, the photographers totally refused to click any pictures until the actress didn’t leave the place. It was reported that the actress apologized and explained the misunderstanding between the paparazzi and them.


Fifth no. is taken by the apparent link-up with Varun Dhawan-

  • Varun and Shraddha have been childhood friends and now both are each other’s co-stars in the movie ABCD 2. Sources say that after her split with Aditya, she seems to have found Varun as her mate. Although there are no confirmation from them.


Sixth spot opens up for-

  • An ill-fated wardrobe malfunction:

Reportedly when the actress was just a film old, at the promotions of Aashiqui 2 her above the knee- length dress hemline caught the eyes of camera in a rather obscene way. Well, it just seems she was proved to be a new kiddo sitting in front of paparazzi.


On the seventh count, we have-

  • Newbie tantrums:

The actress when was new in the Bollywood industry had sure not had any idea about media. She is known to have disregarded the media at an event and showed her so-called tantrums as well.


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