Shibani Dandekar On Extraaa Innings Sets IPL 2014
Shibani Dandekar On Extraaa Innings Sets IPL 2014

I still remember the day when me and Rashmi, both walked on the ramp few months back for Lakme India Fashion week 2014(Jabong street show), . As I have already said, that was one of the most ‘yayyyyy’ and ‘wooooow’ moment for both of us. Woohh.. 🙂 🙂 😀 that was so wonderful and one the best experience we had as there are very few lucky guys in this world who get to share the stage with top models and celebs (that was kinnda great achievement for both of us and of course for beautyandfashionfreaks, yayyyy 😛 ), Right now I am feeling like going back to Mumbai and walk on the ramp again 🙁 🙁 . If you have missed that show  then you can click here for the whole show or if you wanna see only me and Rashmi’s walk part then you can click here. 😉

But you may be wondering that why am I talking about Lakme India Fashion week here? Well! Yesterday I was seeing the grand finale of IPL 2014(repeat telecast 😛 ) on television and got to see host Shibani Dandekar on two beautiful ensembles at this event. After seeing her, my mind went back to Lakme Indian fashion week as that was the day when I and Rashmi, we both shared stage with her and walked the ramp. Now coming back to this look of Shibani Dandekar, she without a doubt looked a charmer, just like she was at the Lakme India fashion week 2014 😉 . On the sets of this television show she looked ravishing in a Payal Singhal dress which featured an embellished bodice and an open back (though I am not able to find the back picture to share with you 🙁 ).

She in the other look was seen wearing a green Nupur Kanoi sheath paired with tan sandals. In both these looks Shibani has completed her look by wearing jewelry from Curio Cottage. Though the pictures which I have shared here aren’t the best one and I wasn’t able to find much of this look of her but all I can say is that Shibani looked good in this event. What’s your take on her look? 🙂

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Shibani Dandekar On Extraaa Innings Sets in Payal Singhal and Nupur Kanoi

  1. OK firstly d Lakme show – Both of u look ravishing n cute.. M sure it must be really difficult to walk among professionals, but both of u looked so natural.. Kudos to u n ur hard work to get selected 🙂

    Shibani looks really pretty in both outfits.. I love d green casual dress n d tan sandals r damn neat 🙂

    1. Hehe 🙂 thanks a lot sweetie for your wonderful comment 🙂 :* ya it was a bit difficult as we didn’t know that we had to walk the ramp and that too without practice :O otherwise I would have worn heels, 😛 I was in flats 🙁 We both sisters reached Mumbai near about 2’o clock around lunch and were supposed to reach the hotel by 6-6.30 but suddenly got a call that “come soon, you have to reach Hyatt by 4’o clock for getting hair and makeup etc done” 😮 ..that was a tiring day. By the next morning we were back in Delhi. Got so less time in Mumbai to roam around and feel the Mumbai air 🙁 that was our first trip to Mumbai, but was really memorable 🙂 🙂 enjoyed to the core 🙂 😀

      1. Oh dat must b stressful 🙁 but hey u guys did good.. N gurl u r tall, u didn’t need a heel to look good.. Otherwise ppl would hv mistaken u for d model 😉

        U need TIME to njoy bbay.. I belong to Delhi but have spent most of my adult life in Pune.. Bbay being so close, was always a happening place of choice 😉

        Now m in US, I miss all d cities – Delhi, Pune n Mumbai 🙁 Dats y I follow ur blog to keep myself updated on Indian fashion scene.. U guys doing a fab job.. Love 🙂

        1. Ya stressful but was fun 🙂 Thanks a lot for such a darling comment Himani 🙂 now I am thinking to take up modelling after reading your comment 🙂 blush blush 🙂 hehe 🙂 and I didn’t know that you were from Delhi and now in the US..Too far from India 🙁 I can understand that how much you must be missing India Girl.. and its really great to know that through our blog, you feel connected to India..Thanks a lot sweetheart… Its a huge complement 😀 hugs..Stay in touch… :* :*

  2. I remember you both walking the ramp! you both walked with such poise…like real professionals! I loved both the outfits..She carries them off really well! 🙂

    1. Like real professionals? Reallyy 🙂 😀 such a sweet complement Richa 🙂 thanks a lot girl.. The only regret is that we were not able to meet or say even a hi or hello.. 🙁 better luck next time 🙂 🙂

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