I have always loved Sephora for its quality and pretty range of products! I think most of you would agree with thisJ I am writing this article to give you a quick update of Sephora New Shades for Spring 2014. Well! This new collection by Sephora is as follows:   

  • The Liquid Crystals ($12.50)
  • The Celestials ($12.50)
  • The Cut ($10.50)

What does the company claim?

Meet the colors that made The Cut. Timeless staples just got a springtime makeover with these vibrant, trend-forward takes on traditional pastels. Dress up your nails in a single shade for a classic spring manicure, or experiment with a complementary accent nail and endless other nail art ideas. Infused with ShineXcel, an amazing luminescent ingredient that enhances color and overall shine, these lively lacquers also feature a fast-drying agent that gives you a smooth, flawless finish in no time. Formula X’s patented No Compromise formulation offers everything you’ve ever wanted in a nail color: invincible long-wear, incredible saturated color, and ultimate shine. Timeless staples just got a springtime makeover. 
Girls! All these shades are very much Inspired by stained glass, the company asks you to apply one coat for sheer crystalline look and for a full stained glass effect. These are available in 14 ultra-vivid hues:
  • Spectrum Red and gold micro-glitter in sheer crimson base
  • Solar Flare Strawberry pink micro-glitter in sheer strawberry base
  • Wavelength Bright pink micro-glitter in sheer purple pink base
  • Magma Gold micro-glitter in sheer tangerine base
  • Moon Glow Iridescent blue micro-glitter in sheer baby blue base
  • Photoelectric Purple and blue micro-glitter in sheer bright blue base
  • Prismatic Emerald green micro-glitter in sheer emerald base
  • Highlighter Canary yellow micro-glitter in sheer yellow base
  • Fluorescent Lime green micro-glitter in sheer lime base
  • Borealis Gold micro-glitter in sheer olive green base
  • Beacon Royal blue micro-glitter in sheer blue base
  • Metamorphic Charcoal gray micro-glitter in sheer gray base
  • Equinox Purple micro-glitter in sheer purple base
  • Vaporize Silvery white micro-glitter in sheer pearl white base
The Cut
Price:  ($10.50)
  • Dynamic Opaque light taupe
  • Over the Top Opaque light green yellow
  • Alive Opaque peach pink
  • A Little Sexy Pearl light periwinkle
  • Inspiring Pearl light turquoise
The Celestials
These are sophisticated colors meets luxe, textured glitter in this collection of lustrous metallics. All these 12 dazzling shades are very unique, concrete-like texture, FORMULA X has introduced five pretty following new shades for a total of 12 dazzling colors.
  • Astrolady Glitter pink with micro rainbow glitter shift
  • Sci-Fi Glitter lime green with micro opal glitter shift
  • Glitter Rocket Glitter lilac with micro gold glitter shift
  • Free Fall Glitter light blue with micro rainbow glitter shift
  • Moon Walk Glitter white with micro opal glitter shift

The above collection is available at Sephora website.
I guess these shades are currently not available in India. But I am keenly waiting for these shades to come to India. Simply loving these majestic metallic shadesJ
So girls! Do you find these shades drool worthy? 

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