He might set to be the next big thing of Bollywood but what is more in news than his acting skills are his alleged link ups. Though he never has been very vocal about his love interests but we as always bring to you all the Bollywood gossip and news. So we have compiled the list of his alleged affairs just for you. He is termed as a Casanova by many Bollywood pandits and he is largely famous for dating some of the most beautiful women of B-town. We get to hear about an affair every time he is working with some new actress. This might be true, this might be false but there always is some merit behind every gossip. From his crushes and girlfriends before he was in the industry to his current love interest we will share all of it with you.

His Involvement With Avantika Malik:

He was allegedly crazy about Avantika Malik who is currently married to Imran Khan. He was so mad about her that he used to visit the sets of Just Mohabbat daily where she was working as a child artist. Though some people say she didn’t give him much importance, she allegedly dated him for some time but afterwards they broke up and she choose Imran Khan over Ranbir Kapoor.


His Link Up With Sonam Kapoor:

While they were on the sets of Sawariyan we could smell something is cooking. The movie, while it was being shot had featuring both of them and they were reported to be close to each other. Well, but as soon as the movie ended and Ranbir started working with Deepika in Bachna Ae Haseeno they reportedly separated. Deepika and Sonam were said to be having some cold vibes during this time and their dislike for each other was quite visible.


His Link-up With Deepika Padokone:

Well she has been the constant companion of an on and off relationship of this Bollywood hunk. She has been jumping in and out of his life. Whenever they do a movie together they are reported to be dating again and when it ends the reports point at their breakup. At one point in time they were reportedly were serious, Deepika even got herself a tattoo of his initials. They are said to have broken up because of his mom Neetu Singh’s dislike for Deepika.


Link Up With Nargis Fakhri:

While they were working together for the movie Rockstar, there were reports of them having come quite close. They were seen out in cafes, there were reports that Ranbir teaches Nargis some Hindi. This one too didn’t go on for long as Ranbir and Deepika were reportedly back, that is when this relationship died a death.


His Alleged Affair With Priyanka Chopra:

When they were on the sets of Anjana Anjani it was said that they are dating. God he dates everyone he does a movie with! We don’t know whether it was a rumor or reality but it anyway didn’t last very long.


Love Affair With Katrina Kaif:

It is not a breaking news I know. Each and everyone knows that apparently they are dating. Katrina and Ranbir are seen on foreign land on vacations, she is seen meeting Ranbir’s family. Ranbir goes to meet her family. It is said by many that even his mother Neetu Singh loves this girl. Well what does that mean? Family is involved too?? Well that means they have reached the next level and their might be reports of them getting married anytime soon. What about Salman??? Well he has broken up with Katrina because of his closeness with Ranbir. Well we might get the good news any day that they are getting married.


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Ranbir Kapoor And His Love Life

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