Have you ever got stuck in finding a perfect hairdo for your beautiful churidar salwar kameez? When you are spending a lot of time in choosing a perfect design, suitable colours, stitching styles and much more while buying a salwar kameez, you must give equal importance to other accessories which not only accompany the outfit but also should enhance the beauty of churidar salwar kameez in an extraordinary way. Accessories like clutchesbangles, necklace, sandals, anklets etc. are all so much important. Meanwhile, hair dress is another prominent stuff which is a must to get a lot of importance. While choosing a hairstyle, you must check your hair type whether it is silky, curly or wavy and the colour of your hair and also it’s texture whether it is soft or rough.


After knowing about your own hair, check with your beautician or hairstylist to know about different hairstyles that are currently in trend. When you buy churidar salwar online you will get a catalogue which shows the style it should be worn and accessories it must be accompanied. But the hairstyle that is shown there or the one which is worn by the model may not always match you the same way. You must be careful about checking the best one which perfectly suits you. There are a few hairdressing styles which are so simple but get you the most elegant look and at the same time there are styles which take a lot of time and patience to get them done and obviously looks awesome for the attire.

Check out this list of beautiful hairstyle ideas which will surely help you in choosing the one for various occasions like for weddings, festivals, casual events etc. Get the best ever appearance by completing your outfit with the last but the most important thing and that is your hairstyle.


Simple Middle or Side Parted Loose Hair


There may be millions of hairstyles in the trend. But this simple but elegant hairstyle is in the race from centuries. This hairstyle is an example of formal and professional character of a woman. It takes less than a minute to get this done. Comb your full hair and part it at the centre using the edge of comb. That’s it. You are ready! For your casual salwar kameez this hairstyle is the best one. You don’t even have to look at your hair in the mirror often to check whether it is perfect as it remains same even if you are out for the whole day.

Simple and Stylish Pony


Again this is one hairstyle which looks simple and most pleasing. There are different pony styles that can be tried. This is less time consuming but much sweet looking hairdo. It goes well for any kind of event from official meetings to red carpet events. You might want to be free from loose disturbing hair at your workplace and if you find no other choice, just take a ribbon and wrap it up into a pony. It is also the best one for the sunny days.

Side Tucked Hair


When you have long beautiful loose hair and don’t want them to disturb the beauty of your face in the parties, use this simple trick. Take your hair from one side and twist it and tuck it with a small pin. Done! You will no more feel the discomfort and the beauty of your hair will remain intact. When you are planning to attend a wedding or a party with your designer salwar kameez, get this hairdo and tuck it with a glamorous stone dressed hairclip and it will surely increase the charm of your entire attire.

Braided Headband


Wear a natural headband made of your own hairs! Yes, braid up your front hair to a side or to wrap your forehead to wear your own pretty headband. You can either pleat it for just the forehead or you can wrap it up around the entire head. Dress the middle of the pleats with pearl pins or floral bands to make it look enchanting. After getting this braided headband, you can either leave your hair free or you can even braid it till the end of your hair.

Puffed Front Hair


Nowadays everyone is wearing this puff, which was always thought of as an old fashioned trend. That is the beauty of puff. Using mounts, you can wear bigger puffs; the smaller ones can be made without them, just by pushing the hair a little to the front. This puff can be combined with ponytail, braid or bun with or without bangs. The specialty of this hairstyle is, on one hand it is the most casual hairstyle and on the other side it is also used as a bridal hairdo with lot of dressing done over the puff.

Bumped Up Curls


Being known as the bridal hairstyle, this is the most pleasing hairstyle you can ever wear. The combination of curls and bumps or puffs is the feast to eyes. You can dress them up with glittering hairband or clips to make it charming. It suits the best for wedding salwar kameez and Anarkali salwar suits. Using crystal made hair band its appeal can even be made extra-glamorous.

Effortless Half Updo


If you have a little time to get ready and still need to find a distinctive hairdo, this is the one for you. Take top half hair and clip it at the back. You can pull of little hair to the front. Try pearl headband or floral side pin to make it look loving. It is the most loved hairstyle by all the women around the world. When you wear a simple and elegant salwar suit, this hairstyle do a lot to get you a pleasant look.

Remarkable Fishtail Braid


Fishtail braid is the present-day hairstyle. You can see almost every college going woman love to wear this on alternative days. It might be difficult for you to do it by yourself. You can take help from your friend or beautician to get this done. Being one of the modish hairstyles which is currently in trend it looks so much perfect for dashing evening or late night parties. While shopping for a churidar salwar kameez online, check for the one with mega sleeves or short sleeves if you want to flaunt this unique fishtail braid.

Seductive Twisted Bun


Along with the comfort a bun gives at long hour celebrations, it can also be beautified with few tricks. Now there are many ways to tie up the bun and dress it with flowers, beads or a bow. Messy bun is another example to show you that a bun hairstyle will do magic. This hairstyle is now the most loved one among the gorgeous ladies. It can be worn for any kind of event. May it be casual or glorious, it always look gracious with a salwar kameez.

Wearing gorgeous hairstyle jewels on the braid like jingling chains, hanging clips and pins which are dressed with stones and diamond like crystals enhances the bridal look. Casual hair bands also sometimes do a lot to give you the most pleasing appeal.

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