Hey all beauty geeks!!! There is an unsaid rule that prohibits wearing whites in winters. Did I hear a rule?? Yup, so it needs to be broken. Right? 😉 Wearing white in winters is always tricky as you do not want to look all summery and out of place. Moreover, wearing whites with darker shades of coats and cardigans looks too much contrast in an outfit. So, I have attempted to wear whites in a relatively acceptable way. Hope you guys like it. 🙂


The easiest way to wear white is a T-shirt. But because of the cold and the layering of clothes, nobody will realize you are wearing a white T-shirt underneath. So, the next best thing is to wear white jeans. Yes, the thick jeans will keep you warm in winters and also will not get lost in all the layering.


Sweaters are the most essential part of the outfit in winters. And also, the first thing to clash with whites in an outfit. So, to minimize the contrast I wore a pastel blue sweater. The color of the sweater is in itself a summery color and thus, fits well with the white jeans. To make the outfit look further co-ordinated, I wore a T-shirt with red and white stripes. It makes the transition from the sweater to the white jeans a little smoother. At least I think so. 😉


I picked up tall boots with heals to wear with the white jeans. The boots will keep my feet warm and also, reduce the chances of getting the jeans dirty due to the melting of the snow. Moreover, the tall boots keep the ‘winter feel’ alive in the outfit.



I accessorized the outfit with a simple chain with a chunky pendant. I wore loop earrings and a watch to match with the silver metal theme.

Outfit Details:

  • Sweater: Pepe Jeans
  • T-shirt: Benetton
  • Jeans: Calvin Klein
  • Shoes: Macy’s
  • Neckpiece and earrings: Target

Hope you like this outfit and be more open to wear whites in winters!!!

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Outfit Of The Day (OOTD): How To Wear Whites In Winters??

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