Hello beauties! How are you doing today? Hope you are all doing good and enjoying a great ThursdayJ. Today I am going to review “Khadi Herbal Face Wash Neem.” I purchased this face wash online. I have liked most of the Khadi products I purchased so far and I like the fact that Khadi’s products are herbal and contain natural and skin friendly ingredients. So that is the major reason behind choosing this face wash. Moreover I was facing this acne problem for quite some time and that was another reason for choosing this oneJ.

What does the product claim:

Khadi neem face wash is a herbal formulation that generally removes impurities and prevent pimples. Enriched with neem oil and teatree oil.
Directions: Moisten face apply a small quantity of neem face wash work up lather in circular motion wash off and pat dry.
Ingredients: Neem oil, teatree oil, wheatgerm oil, aloevera base Q.S.


Price: 150/-
Quantity: 210ml
Shelf Life: 2 yrs
My take on Khadi Herbal Face Wash Neem
The face wash comes in a transparent bottle with a flip open cap. The cap is quite sturdy but I face a little difficulty while taking the face wash out from the bottle. That is the only issue I have with the packaging, other than that the packaging is fine but still it cannot be considered travel friendly because the bottle is huge. As the bottle is transparent, it becomes very easy to keep an eye on the amount leftJ.



The face wash is neither very thick nor very runny, it has a perfect consistency of a face wash. The face wash is green in color which reminds me of neem and teatree oil. It has a very refreshing fragrance which I liked. The face wash does not give you very foamy lather but it provides decent lather to remove all the impurities and dirt from face. Only a small amount is required for one time wash as a result of which the face wash will last me for long.


After using this face wash, my skin feels clean and refreshed. The face wash is very gentle on skin. It effectively removes dirt and does not give any kind of irritation on skin. It works well to remove light makeup. Moreover it contains natural ingredients which are very good for skin. I feel it is effective in controlling acne as well, I did not experience any since I am using this face wash. I also found it helpful in controlling oil secretion. So overall I am very much satisfied with this product and it works really well for my acne prone skin.
Pros of Khadi Herbal Face Wash Neem
  • Effectively removes dirt.
  • Gives a very clean and refreshed feeling on face.
  • Irritation free, skin friendly product.
  • Contains natural ingredients which are good for skin.
  • Helpful in controlling oil and acne.
  •  Removes light makeup as well.
  • Huge quantity at this price.
  • Small amount required for one time use.
Cons of Khadi Herbal Face Wash Neem
  • Not travel friendly due to its huge quantity.
  • You might face a little difficulty while taking the face wash out.
Final Rating: 4.7/5
Will I repurchase Khadi Herbal Face Wash Neem??
Yes for sure. It worked really well for my acne prone skin and moreover I loved its natural ingredients list which made me buy this face washJ.
Do I recommend Khadi Herbal Face Wash Neem??
Yes I definitely recommend it to all and especially to those who has oily and acne prone skin.
So gals see you later till then b-bye and take very good care of yourselfJ.

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