Hey guys! How are you doing today? Hope you all are doing well. I wish you guys a wonderful week aheadJ. So today I am here to review “Joy Skin Fruits Oil Control Face Wash.” I just love fruit face washes and that was the reason which made me purchase this. Moreover I like trying different face washes, so this time I grabbed this one. So girls continue reading to know whether this one was a hit or a flop for meJ.

What does the product claim:
Exfoliates skin and deep cleanses blackheads, dirt, grind and clogged pores. It removes excess oil without disturbing essential oil balance. Skin feels fresh and brilliantly clean without over drying or tightening.
Strawberry: An exfoliant enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, it effectively removes excess oil, tones and lightens skin.
Directions: Massage gently over moistened face to work up a rich lather. Wash off and pat dry. Use as often as required.
Price: INR 48
Quantity: 65ml
Shelf Life: 24 months
My take on Joy Skin Fruits Oil Control Face Wash
This face wash comes in pink color plastic tube with a white color flip flop cap. The cap is tight enough to prevent any kind of leakage. So the overall packaging is quite sturdy and travel friendly. The texture of the face wash is gel like. The face wash is transparent with small pink beads in it. The beads are not at all harsh on skin. In fact they are neither harsh nor does they exfoliate your skin. It has a mild strawberry fragrance which I liked a lot.
As per my experience with this face wash I feel I require good quantity to produce average lather and this thing made me feel a little disappointed with this face wash. But after using this face wash my skin felt fresh and clean without any dryness or stretchy feeling on face. Moreover it does help in deep cleansing by removing oil and dirt quite effectively. This face wash gives a cooling sensation on my face whenever I use it which makes me feel very refreshed. It controls oil secretion as well. It prevents oil secretion for around 2 hours. So, all these things somehow overshadowed the initial disappointmentJ.
It claims to lighten skin but I have not experienced any such thing. So overall there is not anything great about this face wash, this face wash is just an average product. Neither too good nor too bad. But at this price it does a good job.
Pros of Joy Skin Fruits Oil Control Face Wash
  • Provide deep cleansing by removing oil and dirt.
  • Makes my skin feel fresh and clean without any dryness.
  • Mild and strawberry fragrance.
  • Affordable.
  • Controls oil secretion for around 2 hours.
  • Travel friendly packaging.
Cons of Joy Skin Fruits Oil Control Face Wash
  • Does not provide any exfoliation.
  • Does not lighten skin as claimed.
Final Rating: 3.5/5
Will I repurchase Joy Skin Fruits Oil Control Face Wash??
Well, it is a decent product and does a good job at this price moreover I love its strawberry fragrance. So I won’t mind purchasing it again.
Do I recommend Joy Skin Fruits Oil Control Face Wash??
Well I do recommend it to those with oily to combination skin and to those who loves strawberry fragrance.
Have you guys tried this facewash??

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