Summers are here and the hot sun makes my skin tan very very easily. I was looking for a nice fairness face wash and face pack since long time. I don’t believe in fairness products but I use them to remove my tan as I think the products which claim fairness are very good in removing skin tan. So I was looking for nice lightening face pack especially one with the power of lemons as they are best lightening agent. So, when I saw Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack in my nearby store, I picked it up instantly and also picked the Joy fairness face wash which I have already reviewed on Beauty and Fashion Freaks(B&FF). I am about to finish the pack now and today I will be reviewing it for you all.





Product Description:

  • Works as mild skin peel by removing the outermost layer of skin
  • Gently breaks down and effectively removes dead skin cells
  • Reveals brighter and radiant complexion
  • Skin gets more toned transparent and illuminated




My Experience with Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack:

Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack comes in a mint green colored tube that has flip-flop cap on top. The cap shuts with a click sound which makes it travel friendly and leak-proof. The fragrance is super fresh and it smells like lemon juice. I love everything that contains lemon in it and the scent is also very mesmerizing. If you love citrus scents like me then you will definitely enjoy using it. A face pack should have relaxing fragrance as aroma therapy helps a lot in relaxing your senses and this face pack has the best fragrance and that is what makes it more attractive.


The texture is neither too thick nor too thin, the texture is just perfect and it spreads easily onto the skin. After applying it gives slight burning sensation for initial few moments. The burning sensation is not that weird so don’t be sacred. It never broke me out and I never experienced any irritation, itching or redness while using it.

For the last one month, I am using this face pack every week and I have noticed positive changes in my skin. I pamper my skin every Sunday and apply face pack, hair oil, sometimes also do manicure/pedicure which keeps my skin glowing and makes my Sunday relaxing too ;-). After applying the face pack, it dries up in 15 minutes after which I wash my face with plain water. Rinsing it off is not difficult and it comes off easily with water. Every time I use this face pack, I could see the results instantly as it makes my skin brighter. It also removes dead skin from face and makes skin smooth and soft. I purchased it to remove skin tan and it removes light tan but fails to remove heavy and old tan. The effect of this face pack lasts for 3 days which is justified and I am happy using it. If you are looking for a face pack to lighten and brighten your complexion then give this a try. It can be used conveniently at any place and at any time.



Pros of Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack:

  • Affordable price tag
  • The flip-flop cap shuts tightly which makes it travel friendly
  • The fragrance is citrus and I love the scent
  • Texture is smooth that spreads easily
  • Contain lemons which helps in brightening and lightening complexion
  • Makes complexion radiant and lighter
  • Removes light tan
  • Deep cleanses skin

Cons Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack

  • Makes skin a bit dry if moisturizer is not used after it
  • Don’t expect it to give you miraculously lighter complexion

Price: Rs 65 for 65 ml

Final Rating: 4/5

Will I recommend or repurchase Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack?

Yes, Joy fairness face pack is a good product at an affordable price and the results makes it worth giving a try. I will surely purchase it once the current tube gets over and will definitely recommend it to all looking for a nice face pack. Go, grab it.


Joy Skin Fruits Fairness Fruit Pack Review, Pictures and Swatches

    1. thats really good that you don’t tan…its really hard to remove the tan after.. m still loking for various other ways.

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