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Today I am going to review a hair removal cream from Jolen. Usually, I don’t use hair removal creams to remove hair as they make my hair grow fast and that’s the reason I go for waxing. But these creams are good option while you’re travelling and when you don’t have time to wax. So, I always keep hair removal creams handy in my cupboards for emergency use. Let’s move to the review now. 🙂

jolen-hair-removal4 Price: Rs 60 for 50g+10g (free)

Product Description:

  • Jolen Hair Remover is just 3 Minutes Formula
  • It offers you with soft and supple skin
  • It has moisturizing effect of shea butter and olive oil’s freshness and nourishing properties
  • This acts gently and efficiently giving safe and silky feeling, with a pleasant perfume
  • Makes you feel fresh and clean
  • Can be used on arms, legs and bikini areas


 Instructions for Use: jolen-hair-removal9


My Experience with Jolen Crème Hair Removal: Jolen Crème Hair Removal comes in a blue and white package. The package contains crème, spatula and instruction page in it. If you are using the crème for the first time then you can read the instruction page and use it easily. The spatula makes application easy and mess-free. The cream is light-brown in color and the texture is perfect so it spreads easily. The fragrance is not nauseating like other hair removal creams I have used. It reaches my nose but it’s not strong enough to irritate you. If you have very sensitive nose then you might find it bothering but for me, I can tolerate such mild fragrances.


The texture is buttery and it’s neither too thick nor too thin. So, it spreads easily with the spatula provided. I apply generous amount of product on my skin and keep it for 10-12 minutes. The timing depends on the hair whether they are soft or coarse. Since I have thick hair I keep it for 10-12 minutes, if your hairs are soft then you can reduce the time accordingly. Make sure you don’t exceed the time by 15 minutes as suggested on the pack of the product. After this, I wipe away the layer of crème from my skin with the help of spatula and it leaves behind soft smooth skin. Yes, it removes hair completely and makes hair soft to touch. I think it’s a great option for people like me who hate creams with strong scent. I have used this cream 2-3 times on my arms and underarms but I have never experienced any itching, irritation or redness. So, everyone can use this cream even people with sensitive skin as it doesn’t irritate skin. But before using it do a patch test for safety issues. I have heard that using hair removal creams lead to skin darkening but thankfully I have not experienced it till now while using this cream. Though the hair grows faster than waxing which is obvious but skin darkening is not true. If you use hair removal creams regularly then this cream is a good choice. Quantity to price ratio is also justified as one tube can be used 2-3 times which I think is value for money. I have used many hair removals and this one is good too like previous ones.



  • Quantity and price ratio is justified
  • Texture is smooth that spreads easily
  • Removes hair effortlessly
  • Has good ingredient list
  • Packaging is travel friendly
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Can be used on arms, legs and bikini area
  • Doesn’t irritate skin
  • Doesn’t darken skin


  • Fragrance may bother some

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I recommend Jolen Crème Hair Removal? Yes, this hair removal crème does its job of removing hair perfectly. The smell is not very strong, it removes hair completely, the quantity is good and it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin too. All in all, it’s a good purchase and I definitely recommend it.

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Jolen Crème Hair Removal Review, Pictures and Swatches

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