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In winters we all need to take extra care of our skin as it becomes dry easily and frequently due to the harsh wind and cold. But we all don’t get bothered about taking some extra care of our eyes as they are equally prone to getting dry and damaged in winters. So keeping this thing in mind I have come up with some important tips and points which you need to take care of in winters to protect your eyes.

Use a good eye cream: It is very important to use a good eye cream in winter season as it helps in protecting the delicate eye area by providing the required nourishment.
Don’t forget to remove eye makeup before sleeping: Sleeping with eye makeup on can cause eye infection, so it is very important to remove all traces of makeup before going to bed.
Keep your contact lenses moisturised:In winters not only your skin your lenses also tend to lose moisture. Dry lenses stick to eyes which become cloudy and painful and their shape gets changed. So it very important to keep them moisturised.
Use eye drops to prevent dry eyes: Use of indoor heating system makes air dry which can cause irritated and scratchy eyes. To avoid this you should always keep eye drops handy.
Don’t forget to wear sunglasses: Sunglasses are not meant to be used in summers only to protect you from harsh sunrays, they also protect you from harmful wind and cold in winters when you move out of your house in open. Moreover avoiding sunglasses can also cause vision damage and sunburnt eyes.
Choose right clothes: Choosing the right clothes always plays an important part in protecting your eyes in winters. You should wear a hooded jacket and brimmed hat to protect your eyes from becoming itchy and dry.
So gals take very good care of your precious eyes in wintersJ.
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