Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor sporting Sheath Dresses
Hey girls! Before you decide to get into a sheath dress, make sure that you are wearing them right. These body hugging dresses are very famous for highlighting curves but can cause a problem to those who don’t have super model’s figure(which includes a majority of us). But gals you need not worry as there are still ways to make your classic sheath fit like a dream. Today I am going to share some easy ways to choose the right sheath dress for your shape and how to style them rightJ.

Kareena Kapoor in Tom Ford Sheath Dress 
Kim Kardashian in Tom Ford Sheath Dress 
Belt it up to flaunt your curves: Those who have curves to flaunt can take a cue from style divas like Kim Kardashian and Kareena Kapoor. In the same Tom Ford sheaths they kept the focus on their assets, these ladies have complimented their body types by focusing on their midriff area. Here the gold belt not only accentuates the waist but also tucks the excess tummy too if worn with the right innerwearJ.   
Deepika Padukone flaunting a print Sheath Dress

Madhuri Dixit flaunting a print Sheath Dress
Print solution for all body types: Here in the above pictures you can see two bollywood divas Madhuri Dixit and Deepika Padukone both with different body types flaunting prints. So these abstract prints can help you out in sculpting the body if you choose them wisely. Moreover stripes are also a very good option to go for but here vertical stripes always have an edge over horizontal stripes.
 Kate Middleton in a day perfect Sheath Dress
Rita Ora in a golden color Sheath Dress
For the athletic and muscular body type: Here in the above two pictures Rita Ora who has a worked out body, shows how you can look a class apart with sheaths. Kate Middleton too flaunted a day perfect look for her athletic body, she proved that even with all covered up you can still look lovely.   
I hope all these tips will help you out in choosing the right sheath dress for yourself. So girls I will catch you later till then b-bye and stay stylishJ.
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