This is one of the most important questions which keeps coming in our mind that how to apply lipstick so that our lips looks great and beautiful. As we all know that our lips get drier and thinner with the increase in age, especially the upper lip. It’s very important to exfoliate once in a week and keep the lips fully moisturized to keep the lips texture smooth.  It is extremely essential and necessary to make lips look fuller and beautiful for a younger look.

How to Make your Lips Pout Perfect

Start with removing dry and chapped skin by rubbing your lips gently with a nice and soft/gentle face or lip scrub or you may also do this by gently rubbing your lips with a soft baby tooth brush. It’s very important to apply lip balm on your dry lips, and let it soak in; rub it off after sometime with a gentle brush or a soft towel or cotton. Wash off. Then apply pure almond oil/ ghee and massage gently. Do this every day before going to bed to get perfect and beautiful lips.


What Does the Expert’s Say

Most of the makeup experts say that you should avoid metallic, very dark and bright lip shades. It is much better to apply natural and neutral shades on your lips and always try to put lip gloss over lipstick as it gives more shine and fullness to lips.

Few Do’s in Lipstick Application

·         For Luscious look apply some translucent lip gloss on lips.
·         Apply shades that match your natural lip color.
·         Use creamy and vitamin enriched lipsticks. They keep your lips moisturized.
·         Always use an outline on your lips with a good lip liner outside your natural lip line as will help in giving an illusion of a fuller lip. Lip liner also prevents the lipstick from bleeding.


Few Don’ts in Lipstick Application
§  Try to avoid lipstick that do not have a creamy texture and lack vitamins, avoid dry matte lipsticks.
§  Avoid using dark shades on your lips as they make lips look thinner.
§  Do not apply your lipstick outside the natural lip line.
§  Never forget to wipe and clean off your lipstick before going to bed.

I am sure that if you keep these points in mind then you will surely get blessed with shiny and luscious lips.

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