When we talk about hottest bodies, we mean to appreciate the hard work that these men have done and the rigorous workout they have been doing. Making a perfect physique depends on various factors, working hard is one and others include factors like body types and the metabolism of different bodies. The primary factor is working out like a gym maniac and discipline, killing the machines in the gym and these all have done just that. With their hard work, determination and discipline they have managed to make our eye balls pop out. This is going to be a treat for all girls. So here we begin with the hottest male bodies in Bollywood. As you already know we shall begin our countdown from the last to the first. So we will start with number 10 position and gradually move to the top.

Salman Khan:

Well don’t talk about today, he might not be in competition with the younger lot now but he is the one who started this trend of ripping off his shirts in every movie. So some credit must go to him. Plus he had a real good body in his prime so here he is one our list, not topping it but starting it.Salman-Khan-Body-beautyandfashionfreaks

Aamir Khan:

He deserves a big round of applause for making a physic that each and every one crave for. A perfect 8 packs, all body fat ripped. He has been an inspiration not only for actors but after movie ‘Gajini’ he has become a poster boy in the gyms as well.Aamir-Khan-In-Ghajini-Body

Ranveer Singh:

Well he has gone far ahead in race from his contemporaries in terms of his Bollywood career. But his physique made hearts melt in movie ‘Ramleela’. That’s why he earns a place on our list.Ranveer-Singh-11

Shahrukh Khan:

He is the KHAN of will, power and determination. What he has achieved with ‘Happy New Year’ is not the success of the movie but the praise for working out on his body. At his age when he is nearing 50, to make such a body, it is commendable.srkwork-shahrukh-body-chissled-beautyandfashionfreaks

John Abraham:

Some might be shocked with his inclusion so low in the list but after seeing the others you will know why he is so low here. Though he has a bulky body with great muscles but I have gone for quality in this post. He indeed has a great physique and a great body.john-abraham-beautyandfashionfreaksVidyut-Jamwal-and-John-Abraham-Body-beautyandfashionfreaks

Vidyut Jamwal:

With his Bollywood debut in ‘Force’ he was in with a bang, competing with one of the best bodies on B-Town he gave John Abraham a tough time. With his next movie ‘Commando’ he proved that he means business as far as action and a great body is concerned.vidyut-jamwal-1-beautyandfashionfreaks

Farhan Akhtar:

If you talk about hard work for a movie, this man deserves a grand salute, his body in ‘Bhag Milkha Bhag’ was an almost impossible feat which he managed to achieve. He had an amazingly ripped body.farhan-akhtar-chiseled-body

Hrithik Roshan:

This was a very tough choice, between the top two, I wish I could name both on no 1 spot but hrithik gets the second place. This is only because of the natural body types of the top two where hrithik lags behind. He has a greek god like body and his hard work shows on each and every vein of his body.hrithik-body-sexy-beautyandfashionfreakshrithik-body-roshan-hot-beautyandfashionfreaks

Arjun Rampal:

He is the guy, he is handsome, cute, hot and what not. Everything that a girl can ask for and talking about his body, totally ripped it is. It feels like it has been drawn and not made. A great body, the pics tell you the whole story. Each and every body part speaks for itself.ARJUN-rampal-body-beautyandfashionfreaks Arjun-Rampal-hot-body-beauty-and-fashion-freaks


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Hottest Male Bodies In Bollywood

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