Hey guys, well, finally the wait is over. We are about to end the suspense that had been building up. We finally have the product in our hands and it looks great. In our previous post, the tiara and those fruitilicious messages must have had you guessing, and many of you might have even guessed it by now. So, the product is a brand new HAIR AND CARE MOISTURISING FRUIT OILS. Amazing isn’t it? Oil which promises the nourishment of fruits for your hair. The packaging is just beautiful as you can see in the photographs.



So, as soon as we got the product we decided to review this brand new product for you guys (our readers), so that you know if this is what you want.


This is one of the most important things in a product especially if it is hair oil. The product has an easy flip open kind bottle, which is plastic and not glass. Yes this really matters, at least to me, as one need not be extra cautious with this plastic bottle. The shape and size of the bottle also gets thumbs up from us. It’s easy to handle and use.

We give a 4/5 for the hair oil containing bottle.



Fragrance and feel

The next in the list is how the oil smells, and trust me when I say this that I haven’t seen an oil smell this good. It’s almost like I am wearing a hair perfume.

The feel of the oil is very light, it doesn’t really look like the heavy almond oils or the parachutes, its thinner in the texture and easy flowing. The hair doesn’t feel stuffy as well. So all and all its gets thumbs up again on these two aspects.

So I would give a 4.5/5 for the fragrance while 4/5 on the feel.

Price: INR 60 per bottle

Quantity: 100ml per bottle



Look and Oiliness

One of the most problematic aspects of oil is that it makes your hair look really oily and sticky and thereby one can only put it on just before the shampoo and thereafter have to get rid of it. This oil probably does exceedingly well on this front, rather it looks like it has been designed to solve this age old problem. The oil is reasonably less oily as compared to the usual hair oils. This really gets a big go ahead from our side. Once one put it on in a reasonable amount, your hair doesn’t look all oily.

So here it gets a 4/5 again.


So we have received two variants of the product:

  • with Orange, Anar and Strawberry
  • with Olive, Mosambi, Green Apple

Both of these sound very interesting and conceding intelligent buys as well. I mean, these reduce our hard work of looking for these nourishing fruits and applying them separately. It’s here in the form of these oils. Well, here’s another one from my personal side- after using both, I already have my favourite (the one with orange) 🙂

After wash

So this is another important aspect of the oil, how does the hair feel after the wash?

Well I used Neutrogena shampoo, and after washing, my hair felt decently good. Their texture improved and I am happy with the results.

Parting note

Though for a closer scrutiny a month or two of use will be a better guide, but even after being a staunch critic especially of hair products, I have to concede that am quite pleased with the product. I just wish there are more such variants in the future so that my hair are even better nourished with all the fruit abstracts. Greedy, aren’t I? 😉


Hair And Care Moisturising Fruit Oils Review And Pictures

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