Hey guys! Just received this bright looking package from Hair&Care and here’s what it holds. A beautiful and colourful fruit tiara (Fruitylocks) and some placards! This has left me wondering about the relations that fruits might have with a brand like Hair&Care. Looks like Hair&Care is coming up with something new that marries fruit and oil.



Check out that beautiful Tiara!



Fruits are very important for our hair nourishment. Especially, given the lifestyle we lead currently. Hair tend to get dry, lifeless or for some girls, just oily hair. Just like fruits nourish skin – they also help to nourish hair. Here are some fruits that ensure the best nourishment for your hair.
(1) Olive


(2) Mosambi


(3) Green Apple


(4) Orange


(5) Anar


(6) Strawberry


I am really excited to know what Hair&Care has in store for us.. ..R u guys exited too??

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Guess What Hair And Care Has In Store For Us!

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