Hey hi folks! the winter season is now ending which means the summer season is now approaching. I just love summers, they give you a great sense of freedom and you can wear all the dresses in your wardrobe. Well just like I have reasons for loving summer you will have many of them too, but I am sure dresses will be a connecting point. So today I have decided to share with you my favorite dresses which I would want to wear this summer and even before it comes (I just cant wait). I have selected a two of my kind of dresses for all the parties, dinners and dates I want to go for this season. I have only included the prom dresses in this one, the summer beach dresses will be covered by me in a different post. So here they are, the dresses that I crave for and I am sure even you will desire after you see them.

Red Prom Dress- Strapless:

Well this off shoulder piece is something that makes me go, damnn I want it. Its a beautiful piece and something that I would wear on a romantic candle light dinner-date. I must tell this to you, red works like magic on dates, it makes you look beautiful, independent, strong and gorgeous and who doesnt want to be all of these?? Well if you want to look sexy, then too this is the one.


Royal Blue Sweetheart Sleeveless Prom Dress:

Are you tired of the black, blue, white, red dresses?? Yeah it gets a little monotonous many a times when one keeps wearing the same color however good it may look. One needs a little variety and different flavors. This is a beautiful piece and you my girl will look even better in this one.


Well these are the two dresses that I have selected for this coming month. So if you go out and are tired of the regular stuff, you can opt for any of the two prom dresses and look your best.

Well this is what I call prom times 2015, just because these dresses are a little prom like. Believe me when you wear them you feel great about yourself. When I did, I fell in love with myself and could marry myself only if it was possible. 😛

Anyway have a great summer and do tell me if you liked the dresses. Saayoonara, bbye… love for you all :*


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Gorgeous Dresses To Wear This Summer

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