Creeper Shoes
I love experimenting with new fashion and style trends! I believe we should always be ready to make new changes to our life as well as our looks. New experiments and styling makes me feel alive, happy and excited. Be it a change related to my vanity case or my wardrobe or accessories ;)…Today I am going to share one style trend which I currently love: P and this trend’s name is “CREEPER SHOES”. 


But wait…what does a creeper shoe means? It’s a kind of creeper that is a rugged shoe with heavy sole and unusual platform. These were invented long back in 1949 by George Creeper. These creeper shoes were made famous by Carl Perkins and Elvis Presley who used to wear these with style and made these a style statement.  Many of you must not be aware that these creeper shoes were infamously called “Brothel Creeper” ahh weird… and the reason behind addressing these with this name was that the sole of these creeper shoes allowed soldiers to ‘creep’ into London Night Spots during off duty hours. Sounds very interesting haaan… 

                                                       Rihanna Looks awesome in Creeper Shoes                                            

Let’s find out how to style these “CREEPER SHOES”?

If you wanna add a dash of androgyny to your look then these creeper shoes are must haves. These will definitely look ideal giving you a break from wearing usual winter boots.

If you can pair them with fitted leggings and dresses then these will surely add on a hint of beauty and style to your casual look. These also go very well with almost all varieties of skirts and socks. Simply try these out and rock your look J At least I can’t wait to buy a new pair of “Creeper Shoes” J xoxo

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