Those of us who live and breathe fashion know how important it is to continuously reinvent their looks. While a distinct style is always great, wearing the same things over and over can be tiring, and it does nothing for the style-conscious to wear the same outfits again and again. If youre thinking of reinventing your style, but dont have the budget for a new wardrobe, a game of Wardrobe Bingo might be just what you need.


Wardrobe Bingo is a game that was conceptualized and popularized by a few years back. While not many people would often see how bingo and fashion can be related to each other, recent efforts to turn the game into the next big thing have seen it transformed by some of the fashion industrys most knowledgeable personalities.

A few years ago, John Scott of This Morning went on the live interactive bingo channel streamed via Gala Bingo to share the latest trends with their viewers, broadcasting a show that was an absolute must for anyone getting muddled up between their Prada and Primark, where he shared his top fashion tips and solutions for style emergencies. Even Vanity Fair has created a bingo game that can be played while watching the Victorias Secret Fashion Show.

To play Wardrobe Bingo, one only needs to look through her closet for five items falling under each category: Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, and Accessories. Once you have these five items, label them with a number from 1-5, and roll a die for each category, taking note of the item that corresponds to the number you rolled. Should you happen to roll a 6, feel free to choose any of the items from the category youre rolling for. By the end of the round, you should have four numbers, and a corresponding item for each category. These are the items that will make up your new outfit!

Wardrobe Bingo isnt just a great way to create a new style, but its also a fun, challenging way to explore your closet again and start using items youve long since forgotten about. Have you tried Wardrobe Bingo before? Feel free to share your results with us!

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