Hey hi fellas, well today we have some spicy gossip to flavor your day. Tinsel town is never far away from controversy and the accompanying gossip and when it comes Sonam Kapoor, gossip comes complementary. So today we will take a look at Sonam Kapoors biggest controversies from the time she has come to the limelight.
1. The Sonam Deepika gossip on coffee with karan:
We all remember that episode dont we? Thats what happens when two Xs of a guy meet and gossip. They made fun of him left right and center. But all that turned ugly when Ranbirs father Rishi Kapoor openly lashed back at the two girls and objected to it. Whatever might be the outcome it gave us something we love- entertainment.
2. The Aishwarya Rai Remark:
Well whos the most beautiful girl in the world? Most Indians when asked this would reply Aishwarya Rai. But when Sonam Kapoor was talking about the Indian beauty she referred to her as AUNTY. Yes thats true. She said Aish worked with her father thus is from another generation and she would call her aunty. Well thats Sonam for you, giving something to laugh about whenever she opens her big mouth.
3. The Aisha movie debacle and the episode that followed:
Abhay Deol, the most sensible actor among the deols was supposedly unhappy about the treatment of the movie and after its failure publicly expressed his disappointment. He was heard saying that unnecessary attention was given to Sonam Kapoors wardrobe and the plot of the movie was somewhat ignored. And we know our bitchy and outspoken Sonam she in turn lashed back at the actor calling him manner less and even went ahead and questioned his upbringing. Poor chap he probably didn’t know who she was getting into a spat with.
4. Sanjay leela bhansalis nightmare:
Hell yeah, she didn’t spare her mentor either. Our chirpy girl when asked, what she would do if one day she woke up and found she turned into Sanjay leela bhansali? She in the politest manner replied she would rather fill some colors in his life apart from those boring blue and black colors he uses. Probably she was referring to her debut movie Sawariyas color combination. This reportedly miffed the Director and he was visibly angry. Our advise: take it easy girl you might turn away any potential movies if you keep going this way.
5. Some one liners that had us all shocked:
Well she says something or the other on daily basis but we have picked up some of the most hilarious and controversial things she has said.
Indian men do not understand fashion unless they are gay ? like really Sonam?
I have a saggy bum, cellulite, my T**s and A** are not very nice ? well that’s why we recommend you not to wear swim wear often.
When asked who needs stylist in the industry the most, she said Everyone! They all suck
There are many more such things she has said take for example when she referred to Katrina Kaif as shameless.
We all love her fashion sense but Sonam, you would be better off without such statements, oh wait a minute she is in news more for her clothes and controversies so she would rather continue with them as her movies hardly catch the eye of the audience. Maybe the two Cs are her way of being in the news.

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