Hey hi all you people! I have been a regular follower of this Indian Beauty, Fashion and Make-Up blog and when I was asked to write an article for the same I thought why not write what this blog is all about. Fashion from Delhi to Mumbai and New York to Milan, is the talk of the town and what enables this spicy and trendy information in reaching us, is fashion journalism. It is just like normal journalism with a Fashionista, tangy, spicy tinge to it. It involves all aspects of published fashion media and covers fashion critics, writers, reporters.

Apart from what this profession has, it is a great career prospect for people like me and you( you would also like fashion as you follow the blog ) its a great option for pursuance of our careers as doing what one loves is the best job 🙂 . After getting to know what this great career has in it to offer, I was surfing the career opportunities at Collegedunia? for this profession to check all the relevant information about the same.


This is a great site I was easily able to locate all that I wanted to know about the courses. Now coming back to fashion journalism, one would want to know, what does it involve? Well its easy! All the page three news. Thats what it is! It is reporting any celebritys look top to bottom. From Aishwarya rais eye liner to her sexy red stilettos. It is about analysing the colour combinations and the accessories worn. What it spares is the perfume she was wearing (if the critics could smell it, even that wouldnt be spared! 😉 ). And wait a minute not just its reporting, its critique, analysis, scrutiny and what not is embodied within the broad sphere of fashion journalism.

To attain such skills, and to polish raw talent some real training and grooming is required. A sense of fashion and even more the technique of reporting has to be attained by the reporter. Well that can only be attained at a good learning institution, i.e. a good college. All people who wish to learn about the colleges can visit Collegedunia.66318

The next question that comes to mind is where is it to be reported? From fashion magazines to blogs like this. The famous fashion magazines like Vogue , Cosmopolitan , Elle , Fashion and many more do this job along with blogs like Beauty and fashion freaks and page3. This job of reporting is done by various fashion journalists like here in our blog, Jyoti and Rashmi are doing a great job. Further for being a perfect journalist of fashion its necessary to know the details of Fashion , which can be attained by doing fashion designing, to add to it one must be a skilful reporter and for that skills of a mass communication student is needed. It is an amalgamation of these two spheres along with analytical abilities and current fashion trend. Phew ..! quite some skills required. But thanx to some inspiring and talented people like the two editors of this blog, one gets to learn a lot that too quite quickly.

All and all it can be said talent along with good skills and polished abilities from a good college add to the adjectives of a journalist. Fashion journalism is a profession of people having great abilities but even better taste and love for fashion. I would rather say its the job of people who know what looks good , better and the best..! 🙂

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“FASHION JOURNALISM” – A Great Career Prospect

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