Espadrilles are high heeled or causal flat shoes that are made with weather resistant cotton fabric or canvas with a flexible rubber sole which provides a breathable component to the shoes. The main defining factor of such shoes is a jute sole, however, the upper style could be varied and come out with varying styles and colors. Traditionally these kind of shoes had laces or some cotton bands which were wrapped around the ankle to hold these shoes.

Way to style it right-

Comfort is the most and the foremost important thing for all of us. And when we talk about comfort, we girls would surely prefer choosing these comfortable  espadrilles over  the proverbial high heels. 

These Espadrilles are available in the market in ample quantity, myriad colors and fabrics. These comes in a lots of varieties which you can flaunt easily at different occasions, you can flaunt the leather Espadrilles to a dinner party or evening function with your formal attire or you can sport the casual jute ones to the beach with cotton colorful dress.

Choice is up to you. But I am sure, once you have got a pair of these comfortable Espadrilles, you will keep them wearing
for long and they will surely become one your most precious attire.

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