With this bone chilling winter, the first thing which comes in everyone’s mind is how to keep you warm? Though I am a winter born person but still whenever winter arrive they chill my bones to the core and whenever I take a step outside the threshold of my place my nose, cheeks and ear turns red instantly just like a tomato and body shivers as if I am in a gym and experimenting with a belly flattening shaking machine:P

Wufff! These winters sometime annoy me a lot and whenever I plan to hide my face, hair, ears etc then I look like a polar bear of Antarctica L what’s the solution then? How not to look like a messy teddy or polar bear who is completely out of fashion? Here comes the answer J”EAR MUFF”..Yippii..I found this stylish and cute winter accessory which will surely take care of this bone chilling winter and rosy ear etc J




I am so glad that I found it J well! This winter accessory is a must have in your wardrobe to take care of winter season, these ear muffs or say warmers are a respite against the cold winter winds. These ear muffs are made and shaped like a headphone along with a loop with furry, woolen or fleece-lined round muffs that cover up the ear nicely.



How To Style It Right?

You can pair these ear muffs with hoodies or some casual jackets..As these ear muffs are a fun accessory so completely avoid wearing these with any formal outfits like blazers or tuxedos. Add more style to your look by wearing hand gloves or mitts in the same hue as your ear warmers.

As far as hair style is concerned, make a cool pony tail or simply leave your hair open which will make you look
extremely adorable and cute J

So Girls! What’s your take on these Ear Cuffs? J

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