Dandruff is one of the most common problems that we suffer from in our daily lives. Dandruff is nothing but a condition where the dead skin cells of the scalp are shredded. Though it is a normal cycle which is experienced by one and all, but some people witness excessive skin shredding which we commonly term as dandruff. This is such a mass problem that almost half of the population that exists, witnesses this problem. Generally dandruff is or can be treated with some ease via some good anti-dandruff shampoos or products, however there has been no concrete solution for the same which ensures dandruff doesn’t come back. Moreover, dandruff is also a seasonal phenomenon wherein you experience increased intensity of dandruff in some seasons, specifically winters.


Keeping in mind the severity and scale we have compiled this post wherein we will discuss about its symptoms and side-effects.

Hair Fall:

Dandruff due to continuous discharge of dead skin from the scalp make the hair weak and this ultimately leads to increased hair fall. On an average some 60-80 hair fall a day, but when this rate increases enormously this is not only a sign of dandruff but also a ringer of the alarm bell of caution. So looking after the scalp becomes much more important not only if you want lesser dandruff but also if you value your hair.


Dull And Dry Hair:

Dandruff is generally known to be a bred in ground of a dry scalp. This not only makes your head full of dandruff but also affect the quality of your hair. So with dandruff come dull, dry and also weak hair. Therefore if you find that your hair are dull, dry and unmanageable even after shampoo and brushing then you need to cure your dandruff. Moreover if your hair suddenly appear thinner than they used to be, in all probability this is the result and symptom of dandruff.

Itch And Irritation In The Scalp:

When the dead skin is lying on the scalp in the form of white snowy flakes; itchiness and irritation is the rule than the exception. You generally feel a constant urge to scratch your scalp due to it. Sometimes you may experience blood coming from the scalp due to excess scratching. This causes a lot of problems especially in the winters, the time most people experience this problem.



This one is more a symptom than an effect of dandruff and both are not necessarily directly linked. But generally we see pimple or acne come up on our face at the same time we are experiencing dandruff. Therefore if you develop any of the two there are chances that you also suffer from the other.


Dandruff is reported to have been a cause of constipation and stomach ache. The two have been found correlated in various studies. Though there is no concrete evidence to support the same but there correlation is well established.


So if you experience any of the above conditions they must be looked into and you must take care of your scalp before dandruff gets too much to deal with. Moreover you can read about the top natural ways to control dandruff naturally here. Do comment, share and let us know how did you like this post!

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