Hey beauties! Hope you all are doing well. Today I will be sharing review of Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo which I have been using for a month now. Though I am not a huge fan of Vatika products but this time I decided to give Vatika Shampoo a shot and now I am sharing my experience with that..Let’s quickly jump to the review.

DSC_0154What does Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo Claim?

Discover the feeling of satin silk hair and hairfall control with Vatika Premium Naturals Henna and Olive Shampoo’s natural conditioning and gentle cleansing. Enriched with Henna and Olive, It Provides well nourished hair that’s full of life.

Henna is a natural conditioner that works on the hair fiber along with other ingredients, making the hair smooth, shiny and beautiful.

Olive along with other ingredients help strengthen hair fiber and thereby control hairfall.

Directions for Use: Apply it on wet hair and message on hair for 2 mins and then rinse with water.



Price: INR 205 for 360 ml.

Fragrance: Herbal.

Color: Pale Green.

Shelf Life: 18 months from the date of manufacture.

My experience with Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo:

DSC_0169 DSC_0170We all love to purchase something if we get something extra and when I purchased this Dabur Henna & Olive Shampoo, Dabur was running a scheme giving Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Conditioner for free with this shampoo so I felt very excited. I will be reviewing Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Conditioner later on but today my focus is on Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo. Now coming back to Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo, it’s definitely a very affordable hair care product which is easily available in the Indian market. This Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo comes in a green pump bottle. As I purchased 360 ml bottle so this doesn’t suit much for travelling but it’s not a negative point as this shampoo comes in smaller quantity bottles as well. Its fragrance is like Heena and Neem, which stays with your hair for few hours or so but it’s not very strong thus it doesn’t bother your nose.


Its pale green in color and comes with mild consistency, which means that it’s not very runny or thick. This Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo cleanses you hair nicely and gives good lather. In case you have applied oil on your hair before hair wash then two applications of Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo are enough. This Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo gives sufficiently smooth and silky hair. Also if you use Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive conditioner after using this shampoo then you will find your hair to be smoother and shiner. After the first application of Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo, I wasn’t much impressed with its results but using it for one month, I am finding it to be a value for money product or maybe I am getting used to it. I have been seeing a little dip in hair fall which means that this product’s claims of hairfall control are not fake.

Pros of Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo:

  • Affordable.
  • Easily available.
  • Value for money.
  • Cleanse your hair nicely.
  • Herbal fragrance.
  • Gives soft and Shiny hair.
  • Controls hairfall.

Cons of Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo:

  • Contains SLS.
  • Takes time to show results.
  • There are much better options available in the market.

My Take on Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo:

This shampoo is overall a budget shampoo which doesn’t give magical results, if you want to try it then don’t expect results within few days, it takes times to show results.

Will I repurchase Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo?

I may not repurchase this shampoo again as there are many more better shampoo’s available in the market which can be purchased by spending some more bugs.

My Rating: 3/5


Dabur Vatika Henna & Olive Shampoo Review, Pictures and Swatches

  1. I have been using Vatika shampoo for almost 10 years now, its best product than any other. Once use it will always use the same. No side effects. Good strong healthy hair. No hair fall No early grey.

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